Breastfeeding and Baby Poop

Henry and I have been having some breastfeeding issues of late. For a while he pretty much refused to eat off of my right breast, but that thankfully has passed (I finally found a position that he’ll eat in). There are two main issues that we’re having right now. The first is that he’ll eat for about 5-10 minutes and then pull off and cry. Then we play this game of me putting him back on, and him pulling off and crying until enough time has passed and then he’ll finally stay latched and eat until he’s full.

The second issue is that he’s been having A LOT of green poop lately. And from my readings that means that he’s getting way too much foremilk and not enough hindmilk, and that I may be having an oversupply problem (he coughs and sputters a lot while eating). The problem with a lot of green poop is that Henry’s not getting enough of the fattier hindmilk and too much foremilk can make a baby irritable and gassy (which he’s been irritable and gassy, so there ya go). So, I’ve been trying to work on this, with feeding him more often and having him nurse on only one breast for 3 feedings in a row, and then switching to the other breast for 3 feedings in a row.

I’ve just started doing this today, and the engorgement is so incredibly painful! The pain goes all the way up to my arm pit! But the bright side is that I’m only engorged on one side at a time. I’m hoping that within a day this will correct itself and that Henry will be less irritable, less gassy and that his poops will be a mustard color again.

I guess it really is true that once you have a baby, you start thinking about poop way too often….oy.

Here’s a few cute pictures to thank you for reading about baby poop and breast milk.

Smiling and talking to me while we relax on the sofa.

Henry while eating before going to bed.


2 thoughts on “Breastfeeding and Baby Poop

  1. Stumbled on this and just wanted to offer another motive for balance in breastfeeding: Ultimate size will vary according to how much suckling each gets. And you may as well have both nipples pointing in odd new directions. 😉

    • HAHA! No kidding. I pretty much have to have him on his side while tucked under my right arm. But, I don’t mind be creative when it comes to nursing if it means that he’s eating.

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