Month 4

Dear Henry –

You’re 4 months old today!!  You’re growing by leaps and bounds and what you can do now, compared to just a few months ago is truly extraordinary.  Your personality is starting to shine through.  You are usually one very happy and content little boy.  Your smile lights up a room and anyone in close range to it can’t help but smile back.  You’ve started to laugh recently.  You don’t do it all the time yet (but it’s coming, I know it!), you save it for special moments – mostly when you’re with your grandparents.  But, the first time I heard it, I started to tear up.  It’s the most beautiful and special sound that I’ve ever heard.  You still haven’t done it for you Dad yet, and to be honest his feelings are a little hurt by it – so laugh for him so he can feel a little bit special too.

You started rolling over from your tummy to your back a few weeks ago.  You actually started doing it when you were 4 days old, and that scared the crap out of me, but from about 2 months old to 3.5 months old, you didn’t.  But you’re back to being a rolling machine.  I’ll put you down on your tummy and before I can ever sit on the floor next to you you’ve rolled yourself over.  You get such a look of accomplishment when you do it too.  You can also stand so well.  I stood you up in front of your exer-saucer and you held on to it and stood on your own for a few seconds before you started to topple over, but it was ok, because I caught you.

You’re getting way better at tummy time.  You don’t hate it nearly as much as you used to, you still don’t enjoy it, but the moments between when I place you on the floor and when you start to really cry are getting longer and longer.

Nap times have started to go pretty smoothly.  I can swaddle you up, put the pacifier in your mouth and place you in your crib and basically just walk away.  You’ll maybe fuss for a few minutes,  but then you’ll go to sleep for 45 minutes to 2 hours.  If only night time sleep could be that good.  At the moment you go down really easy and you’ll sleep great for your first stretch, but from about 1:00 am on, you’ll wake up about every hour and help going back to sleep.  Usually that just involved putting the pacifier back in your mouth, but sometimes it means rocking you until you pass out again, or bringing you into our bed so that we can all get some sleep.

At Four Months Old You Love:

  • Cuddles/Being held
  • Smiling and having people smile at you
  • Anyone singing “Old McDonald” – you’re a big fan of the dog and the cow
  • Playing Airplane
  • Being in your exersaucer
  • Playing with toys – your getting better at reaching and grabbing everyday!

At Four Months Old You Hate:

  • Being tired – this is still the big one
  • Your car seat.  You cry every time you’re in it
  • Baths – depending on how tired you are, and as they’re always right before bedtime, you usually cry through them
  • Lotion.  I keep hearing that baby massage is supposed to be good for you and me – to help relax us and to use as a good bonding time, but you HATE it with a passion.  I’ve tried lavender lotion, non scented lotion.  Heating the lotion bottle up in your bath water so it’s nice and warm when I smear it on you.  Nothing works.  You hate it.

You continue to make our lives interesting.  Some days are good, and some days are bad, but overall our days are filled with love and smiles, and if we’re lucky a sweet laugh!

I love you so much,



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