Bad Weekend

I don’t know about you, but my weekend was rough….

Marching band season is in full swing with competitions and Friday night football games, so J is gone for most of the weekend and unable to help me with Henry.  Thankfully he didn’t have a game this past Friday, so we actually got in some family time which was awesome!  But, Saturday marked the first competition day of the season.  So, from 9:00 am to 12:30 am, J was gone doing his band thing, which meant that I was alone with the baby all day.

On Saturday from the time that Henry got up until about 12:30 that afternoon, things were going great.  He had eaten breakfast, played and gone down for a 2.5 hour nap!  At about 12:30, the shit hit the fan.  When Henry woke up from his morning nap, he was hungry, so I got settled on the sofa with him so I could feed him, but he refused to eat, and cried anytime I brought him close to my boob.  We’d gone through this a little while before, but it still upsets and freaks me out every time that it happens.  So, for the rest of the day, Henry would cry because he was hungry, and then he’d cry harder because he didn’t want to eat.

At my wits end, I called the Le Leche League hotline to try and get some help.  The woman I spoke to said that it sounded like nipple confusion her.  She told me to hold off on his pacifier use and not to give him a bottle.  So, as to not starve my baby, I would try and pump and then feed the expressed milk to him with a dropper.  Most of the milk just came right back out of his mouth, but he did get some.  As to the no pacifier use, he went all day without one.

As the day went on and he still wouldn’t nurse and I was getting more and more tense.  By the evening, Henry had transformed into a little fussing/crying/screaming machine and nothing I could do would settle him.  He ended up crying himself to sleep a couple of times.  While he was sleeping I would try and pump, but as time went by I would get less and less out of the pump.  I was just too stressed out for the pump to get anything out…

I eventually called a lactation consultant who told me that she could meet with me the following morning at 11:00, and to just try my best to get through until then.  I had some reassurance there, but still the whole crying baby and the baby refusing to eat thing made my night horrible.

I was on and off the phone with J the whole evening.  It got to the point that we were both frustrated with each other.  He didn’t know what he could do to help me; he was looking after 70 children and couldn’t come to my aid for several more hours, and I didn’t know what to do to help myself – and we went ’round and ’round like that for a while.

At 9:30 that night, Henry and I both passed out for about 2 hours.  When he woke me up at 11:30, I settled down on the sofa with him again to try and nurse him, and low and behold it worked!!  He ate for over an hour and then sat happily on my lap until J got home at 12:30 that night.  Around 1:30 that morning we all passed out in bed and slept straight through until about 6:00 when Henry was hungry again, and again he ate!

We still went to the lactation consultant meeting that morning, and I’m really glad that we did.  She discovered that I have several plugged ducts on each breast (I had no idea) and she suspects that I also have thrush on my boobs (you can’t see it).  So, I’m on a probiotic to try and help with thrush and Henry is taking Gentian Violet (my boobs and his mouth are stained purple at the moment…).  I’m also taking Lecithin for the plugged ducts and I have an herbal compress to apply to my boobs to help break them up.  She also advised me to not eat dairy for 2 weeks and see if that helps with Henry’s fussiness.

So, I’m doing a lot to make sure that we don’t have any more nursing strikes, because honestly I don’t think that my sanity can handle another one.

How was your weekend?


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