Month 3

Dear Henry,

Today you are 3 months old!!  Three months!!??  How did we get here already?  I swear that it seems like I brought you home from the hospital just last week.  Despite the feeling that time is flying by way too fast, you are growing and developing everyday.  Your head control is getting to be down right awesome.  We’re to point now that we can put you in your jumperoo and you just have a ball in it.  So much so that your Bubbi got you one for the office as well.  You are starting to be able to touch all the different parts and to make them move and make sounds.  It’s so fascinating to watch your determination to make it do what you want it to.

Tummy time is getting better everyday for you as well, but you still hate it.  You can tolerate it if I have you propped up on a pillow so you can see better.  But that really only stalls the crying fit that you have.

We think that you’ve started to teeth.  You chew on anything that you can get into your mouth (you really love chewing on our fingers best), plus you’re a little drooling machine, and you can blow bubbles like a pro.

Your dad and I are starting to transition you into sleeping in your crib all the time.  You start the night out there, we usually put you down between 7:30 and 8:00, and you’ll sleep in your crib until about 1:00 am.  By that point your dad and I are too tired to try and get you to sleep in your crib for the rest of the night, so we just bring you into bed with us and you’ll sleep the rest of the night there until the alarms go off in the morning.  So far this is working for us, but at some point you’ll start sleeping in there longer and longer…hopefully.

You’re talking and cooing all the time now, and not to mention smiling.  Your smile just lights up a room, and no one can resist smiling back at you.

At three months old, you LOVE:

  • Cuddles
  • People who make funky faces at you
  • People who make funky noises at you
  • Smiling
  • Having your diaper changed
  • Being in the bath/shower
  • Being in your jumperoo/exersaucer
  • Playing airplane
  • Chewing
  • ….the ipad…..
  • Seeing your mom and dad (melts our hearts every time)

At three months old you HATE:

  • Being hungry
  • Being tired
  • Being overstimulated
  • Being under stimulated
  • Not being the center of attention
  • Having a dirty diaper
  • Being cold/hot
  • Getting in/out of the bath/shower

You’re growing so much everyday and discovering new things everyday.  It’s such a joy to watch you discover the world.  I love you so much and I’m so proud of what you can do and who you are already becoming!





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