No use crying over spilt breast milk…

…although, I came close.

Yesterday J and I spent the afternoon and evening at my sister’s house. Right before dinner, I decided that I’d try and pump real quick so that I could enjoy a(nother) beer with dinner. So, I went into their tv room with my hand pump and proceeded to sit and pump on each breast for over half an hour.

During that time, J came in to sit with me and keep me company (I should note that he was at least 3 sheets to the wind at this point because he was trying to keep up with my brother-in-law). He continued to sit with me while I pumped until I had about 7 ounces in a bottle that was quickly running out of room. After that point, he was trying to be sweet and took the pump which was still connected to the bottle, so that he could pour what I’d already pumped into another bottle so I could keep pumping. My hand pump is a Medela, and my electric is an Ameda (which most of my bottles are), and the Ameda bottles don’t fit the Medela pumps, so I had to switch them out so I could keep using the hand pump because I only have one Medela bottle.

So, J gets up with my 7 ounces of liquid gold, and proceeds to drop the pump and bottle in my sister’s hallway, which spilled all but about 3 ounces….the first time he dropped it. He proceeded to drop it again, and that left about an ounce in it.

I wanted to cry at this point, and I came really close to bawling right then and there.. I worked REALLY hard for that, and then it was all gone….and I was worried that I wouldn’t have enough to feed Henry.

So, I then took the pump and almost empty bottle from J, and sat and pumped for close to an hour after that to only get 2.5 more ounces, a total of 3.5. That, thankfully was enough to feed Henry, but it was a close call.

J is still apologizing for dropping all of that milk, and I’m close to letting him off of the hook for it. He promised me a milkshake (no pun intended) from cookout to try and bribe his way into my good graces , which would totally work, but I have yet to receive it.

On the bright side, my sister’s cats were really happy with the way the evening went….


2 thoughts on “No use crying over spilt breast milk…

  1. Try pumping a little bit extra everyday or so and freezing it. That way when you know you wanted a chance for a drink or two you can just thaw some out. It’s good in the fridge freezer for up to 3 months. I remember when I spilt and felt like that, and with all the extra hormones floating around that urge to cry is much harder to subdue. Good luck.

  2. I totally would’ve cried! Breast milk is like gold! I’ve ended up pouring out some milk before that I’d frozen, because you’re supposed to use thawed breast milk within 24 hours, and our plans to go somewhere had changed last minute. Anyway, I hated pouring it out…what a waste! I would be so upset if it were fresh milk I was about to feed my baby!

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