Life with Cloth Diapers

Henry has been in cloth diapers since a few days after we brought him home from the hospital (when the meconium poos stopped).  My assessment of cloth diapers?  I absolutely love them!!

Henry is primarily in the Soft Bums Echos – that’s what he wears around the house and they really are as amazing as their website says they are.  I have 8 shells and 24 super dry touch liners and around 24 newborn sized liners, and with that amount I’m washing them about every other day.  We have had a few leaks with them, but no blow outs, and the leaks were mostly from leaving him in them too long.  I also need to clarify that when I say “leak” I more mean that an edge of the diaper was wet and it wicked onto his onesie making the onesie wet around the leg holes.

As far as how I wash them, they get tossed into the washing machine with just a little bit of diaper safe detergent (at the moment I’m using All Free and Clear because my grocery store didn’t have the Purex Free and Clear that I wanted to get), they get washed on hot/cold with a soak and an extra rinse.  The shells are line dried and and inserts are thrown in the dyer on high until they’re dry (and because they’re so absorbent they do take a while to dry).  So far we haven’t had any staining – they’re all still beautifully white and look the same as when I bought them.

When we go out and when his Grandparents watch him, we put Henry in bumGenius  4.0 pocket diapers (although the Softbums really are super easy to put on too).  I have absolutely no complains with these either.  They’ve held up well so far and as far as washing goes they get thrown in with the Softbums, and the diaper gets line dried and the insert goes in the dryer.

I know that Henry is only 6 weeks old, but so far we haven’t had a single case of diaper rash, or anything that looks like it.

I’m absolutely loving my diapering choice, and I never have to worry about having to run out to the store to get more diapers and wipes (we’re using cloth wipes too since we’re already doing the laundry).  If we’re running low on diapers they just get thrown in the wash – easy peasy.  Not to mention that they just look super cute on, and they come in so many adorable colors and prints!

Henry is his Softbums

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