Growth Spurt

Henry is going through a growth spurt right now, which means that he’s basically attached to my boob all the time.  It started yesterday and has continued straight through to today.  I have to say that the growth spurts are kinda rough for two reasons.  1) The kiddo refuses to be put down and cries incessantly when he’s not hooked up to the boob.  2) The engorgement that follows around the ’round the clock nursing.

I woke up around 4 this morning because Henry was crying and I sat up so that I could grab him and take him in for a diaper change, and as soon as I sat up in bed, I noticed that my side of the bed was incredibly wet.  Not just damp, but wet….and it wasn’t from the baby.  Nope, my boobs being so full decided to start leaking while I was asleep and soaked right through my shirt and onto the sheets….Not to mention that when they get that full that they’re hard as rocks and it hurts to even look at them.  So, it was actually a relief for me when Henry started nursing at 4 this morning.  I guess that I’m going to have to start wearing those nursing pads to bed, so I don’t soak the sheets again.

Thankfully Henry finally went down for a nap about half an hour ago, so I’m hoping that he’ll sleep for a good long while and I can actually get some work done.


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