Hospital Bill

A while back I mentioned that I’d write a post about what it actually costs (at least what it cost me) to have a baby.  It’s taken me a while to collect all the data to write this post because I’m still receiving bills from the hospital, and we’re still trying to figure out what some of these charges are for (currently waiting for the hospital to call us back to explain it).

All in all, I’ve received 9 bills from the hospital – and I’m waiting on one more.

Before insurance:

  • My hospital bill for the delivery and 3 night stay totaled $11,322.93
  • Henry’s hospital bill was $1,713.90
  • Henry’s newborn care and discharge was $310
  • Lactation consultant charge was $172
  • Epidural charge was $2,930.00 (that’s one hell of an hourly rate –  but worth every penny)

All of that totals to: $16,448.83 before insurance

After my insurance kicked in my bill looks something like this:

  • My hospital bill for delivery: $1,456.50
  • Henry’s hospital bill: $285.90
  • Henry’s newborn care: haven’t received an updated bill yet
  • Lactation consultant bill: $37.88
  • Epidural bill: $255.00 (again, worth every penny)

All of that totals to $2035.28 so far

Add in my insurance deductible of $1750, and the $241.44 that was for my midwife and you get a grand total of:


….and that’s just to have the baby…..

There are definitely charges on here that are suspect, such as a $1200 nursery charge when Henry never spent any time in the nursery.  We’re currently waiting for someone from the hospital to call us back to explain why that’s on there.  I could definitely keep writing to vent about how exorbitant the bill is, but I think that speaks for itself, and honestly I’m lacking the energy to do that.

However much it cost to deliver Henry, I do have to say that it was all worth it because he’s absolutely precious.


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