1 Month Well Visit

Today J and I took Henry for his one month well visit to the doctor.  It was fairly uneventful, they weighed him and he’s now 9 lb 5 oz, 20.5 inches long, and his head is 15 inches around.  When the doctor came in we talked about the fact that Henry sounds a little congested, which he told us was perfectly normal.  He said that he might be developing a little bit of a cold, but at this age there’s nothing they can do but let it runs it’s course.  So, we’ll just keep a close eye on Henry to see how he’s feeling.

The pediatrician told us that Henry is measuring in the 13th percentile for height, and the 34th percentile for weight.  Meaning that he’s short and chunky – which for a baby is perfectly normal and healthy.  I have to say that I’m happy that he’s gaining weight; it makes me really happy to know that breast feeding is going well and  that he and I are both doing our jobs.

I asked the pediatrician about Henry’s sleep – or lack there of (we had a rough night last night – and I’ll write about that later).  J and I were told that basically this is what’s expected, but when we put Henry down to sleep we need to make sure that he’s awake when he goes down so that he can learn to put himself to sleep (this is part of the reason that last night was rough).  So, we’re trying to make sure that Henry develops good sleep habits, but it’s difficult and I’m not sure that we’re being successful – I guess we’ll see.

hmm….maybe I’ll let my parents sleep tonight.

Here’s to wishing for a good night of sleep!





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