Recap of the last two weeks

I feel like so much has happened while I took a break from blogging but I’m not sure where to start. I’m going to make this a catch up post to try and recap all that’s happened in the past two weeks.

After Henry was born we spent two days in the hospital recovering and learning how to be parents. The hardest thing at the hospital was getting breast feeding started. My midwife got Henry to latch while we were still in the delivery room, but he would quickly fall off, and I couldn’t get him to latch on on my own. I had a nurse come and help me once we were settled in the mother/ baby room, but she wasn’t much help as she couldn’t get him to latch either and she quickly gave up. She did put me on the schedule for a lactation consultant to come and visit me though.

The first lactation consultant had trouble getting him to latch as well, but showed me how to spoon feed him to get him interested. That whole day I spent working on getting a proper latch, but I really didn’t succeed. On Monday another lactation consultant came to see me and she did get Henry to latch and showed me how, and since then we’ve been doing great at the whole breast feeding thing.

I had a follow up lactation appointment on Thursday and was told that Henry was doing beautifully. As of yesterday he is back up to his birth weight plus one ounce (7lbs 11oz). So that means I must be doing something right when it comes to breast feeding.

As for sleeping we seem to be doing ok. Henry has good nights and bad, but for the majority of nights he’ll let us get 3 to 4 hours in a row. He is incredibly hard to wake up to feed him, but he’s now starting to wake up on his own to eat, which makes things easier for J and me.

Right now J, Henry and I spend our days camped out on the sofa watching movies, and taking breaks to take pictures do this sweet little boy. He has so many cute faces that he makes, but my favorite is his Zoolander “Blue Steel” impression.


His smile, which is probably just gas at this point also melts my heart.


I love this little boy so much.



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