Water has been broken

This is the earliest I’ve been up in a while….but about 15 minutes ago I had my water broken. My midwife said that there was a bit of meconium in it, but that we’re not going to worry about that right now.

I’m currently 6 cm dilated and 80% effaced and the baby is at -1 station. I’m really hoping that things go quickly from here on out, but we’ll see. The contractions are still very mild at this point with some back pain. But, so far I’ve got them under control.

I’ll try to update again later if I’m able, or I’ll have J do it so you can know what’s going on.

Send good thoughts and vibes my way!!!!


2 thoughts on “Water has been broken

  1. All right! Can I say horray for mobile wordpress? 🙂 Thanks for including all your readers in a very special and personal time for you. Can’t wait to “meet” baby!
    Happy pushing!

  2. You’re such a trooper updating from the hospital. I’m so excited for you two to almost be done with this part and getting to move on to the next.
    Sounds like you’re doing well. I hope this continues.
    Good luck!
    Stay strong!

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