Update from the Hospital

J and I checked into the hospital and were taken to a room for our scheduled induction (something that I’ve been a bad blogger about, sorry). This might be TMI, so for you squeamish readers, you may want to skip to the next part. For the induction, my midwife has inserted a balloon that will dilate my cervix to 5cm before falling out. From there in the morning she will break my water and that should kick me into labor; that way, I hopefully won’t be hooked up to the dreaded pitocin.

So far things are going well, the ballon insertion wasn’t TOO bad; mostly uncomfortable, but I wouldn’t call it painful. Right now I’m feeling a whole lot of crampiness and pressure, some to the point where I get extremely uncomfortable, and I will more than likely take them up on the offer of some Ambien so I can sleep through the night.

That’s about all for now, I’ll update later when I have some more information, stay tuned!



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