I had a midwife appointment today, and it was a LONG one.  They drew blood, I had a non-stress test, a biophysical profile, a growth ultrasound and a regular midwife appointment all wrapped up into one.

The non-stress test was interesting.  They hooked monitors up to my belly to record the baby’s heart beat, and also put one on to see if I was having any contractions (I wasn’t).  And then they gave me a button to push every time I felt the baby move.  I was only supposed to be in there for 20 minutes, but ended up staying in there for an hour.  And during that hour, the baby moved over 80 times.  He’s an active little guy.

During the non-stress test a nurse also checked my blood pressure.  The first time she took it, it was 146/100.  When she was that, she had me turn onto my left side and relax and came back about 10 to 15 minutes later to recheck it and it was then 140/80.  So, relaxing did something.

After the test, I was taken in for a biophysical profile and growth ultrasound.  I always love anytime that I get to see my baby on the big screen.  I got to see him practicing breathing – which was cool.  His little chest was just pumping away.  I didn’t get any good pictures this time, he was covering his face the whole time, but he still does have a foot up by his head – which is where it’s been for at least 3 weeks now.  During the ultrasounds I got dizzy twice from lying on my back, and I had to take short breaks to lay on my side to help my blood flow.

After the ultrasounds I was taken in to see the other midwife in the practice.  She checked my cervix – I’m 2 cm dilated and 80% effaced, so I might not have long before this kiddo decides to come out!!  She then went over what she knows – which isn’t much at this point.  She and my midwife still don’t know if I have the beginnings of preeclampsia, or if it’s just gestational hypertension.  They’re waiting for some labs to come back before they make a final decision.  If it’s the beginnings of preeclampsia, I’ll be delivering soon, as in the this week or next.  If it’s just gestational hypertension, then they might put me on blood pressure meds to lower it to a safer level.  But again at this point in time we don’t really know anything.

I go back Thursday for a repeat on all the tests and ultrasounds I had today, and I hope to know more then.  Stay tuned, there could be a baby soon!!


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