Happy Anniversary!

June 7th happened to be J’s and my 4 year wedding anniversary.  I was planning on writing a post about that – a sappy, love filled post about how I married my best friend, filled with pictures from our wedding.  But it seems that life had other plans for me that day.

You probably know that I was feeling sick all week, and on Thursday I started throwing up and not being able to keep anything down.  I already had an appointment to see my midwife, but moved the time up because I was feeling so awful.  J even had to leave work early so that he could take me because I too sick to drive myself.

We arrived at my midwife’s office and we went through the normal routine of getting my weight, urine and blood pressure.  I lost over 3 pounds from last week, I had ketones in my urine and my blood pressure was 150/100 the first time they took it.  We then went into a room to wait for my midwife.  She came in and retook my blood pressure and it was 140/100 – still too high.  She listened to the baby’s heart beat and was concerned that it was running a bit fast.  She also checked my cervix and I was 1 to 2 cm dilated.  We went over my symptoms from all week and her response was that she wanted me to go straight to the hospital to be checked out, and that she would meet us over there in a little while.

We got to the hospital, went through admitting and were taken to a holding room (the rooms they put you in to monitor you before they admit you to the hospital).  They hooked me up to a machine that allowed us to hear the baby’s heart beat the whole time.  I had a bunch of blood drawn.  We then were taken to a different part of the hospital to get an ultrasound of the baby to make sure that he was doing ok.  They were looking for movement and signs of breathing – the movement he was doing fine with, the breathing they didn’t see at all (but we were told that just because they didn’t witness it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t do it).  I had a hard time enjoying the ultrasound because I was feeling so bad.  I just wanted a huge cup of ice water and a nap – and I couldn’t have either.

After the ultrasound we went back to the room and I was finally hooked up to an IV for some fluids and was given a great anti nausea drug (which worked wonders!).  I finally started to feel a little better and my BP was SLOWLY starting to come down.  After a couple hours my midwife popped in and told me that they’re going to let me go home soon, but they have some concerns.  She’s worried about preeclampsia.  She said at this point she doesn’t know if it was me being sick that was causing my blood pressure to be so high, or if my blood pressure being high was what was causing me to be sick.  So, what that means is that I’m now out of work, and I’m on “modified bed rest.”  I also now have 2 midwife appointments a week to make sure that I stay healthy for me and the baby.

For those that don’t know what modified bed rest is, I am basically under house arrest.  I can still get up to take a shower and fix me something to eat, etc, but otherwise I have to be off of my feet.  I was also told that I’m not have any excitement or have people over that will excite me – in other words: No Stress.

My midwife also told me that it looks like I’ll be induced at 39 weeks because of a bunch of factors.  My blood pressure being one and the baby being big the other.  So, now I’m just hoping that the baby comes on his own before 39 weeks.  And I’m really thinking that he will because my mucus plug came out over the past 3 days, and I’ve been having bloody show.  My fingers are crossed that this kiddo will come out on his own in the next 10 days.

So, as you can see a lot happened in one day and by the time that we got home I collapsed on the sofa and pretty much stayed there until J hoisted me up to go to bed, and all thoughts of writing that romantic anniversary post sadly disappeared.  It wasn’t the best anniversary ever, but I’m sure it could have been much worse.  And on the bright side, I did get to spend almost all of the day with my hubby – which made it all good.  Despite not having the post, here are the pictures I wanted to post.


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