I’ve completed just shy of 37 weeks of pregnancy and now, when I’m huge and uncomfortable and can barely move, is when I come down with a cold.  The short version is that I feel miserable.  The longer version is that  I woke up this morning feeling bad – sinus pressure, congestion, upset stomach, and like a doofus I went into work anyway.  A few hours later and I am completely worse.  I now have a headache, sinus pressure, congestion, and I’m so nauseated that I think my breakfast might just come back up (and I’m really hoping it doesn’t because I’ve gone my whole life without knowing what peanut butter tastes like the second time around – and I’m really not interested in finding out).

I’m trying to make at least a half day at work before I go home and collapse into bed, which is about an hour.  I think I can make it, or at least I’m hoping that I can.

Being sick sucks.  Being sick while pregnant, sucks more.


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