Short Term Disability Insurance

I found out some interesting news from one of my bosses today.  My company is renewing our health insurance policy on July 1st, and they’ve decided to add short term disability to the policy (which they previously didn’t offer).  What this means for me is that maternity leave falls under short term disability and I can get a paycheck every week that I’m gone.  The only catch is that I can’t have the baby before the policy would take effect.  So, basically I need to sit with my legs crossed for the next 4 weeks and 2 days.  For those of you who watch The Office, it’s like when Pam is in labor and refuses to go to the hospital until midnight so they can get an extra day to recuperate at the hospital.  That will be me, but I’ll be holding out for the disability insurance…

“You’re distracting me from my distractions.”

I’m now torn between wanting the baby to come at 38 weeks so that J and I can have the most time possible with the little man before J has to go back to work, and wanting the baby to come a few days after his due date so that we can have a little bit more financial security.  I guess we’ll see what happens when it happens.  Although, if my midwife wants to induce me at 40 weeks you’d better believe that I’m going to try to negotiate to be induced after July 1st, like the 2nd so I can have that disability insurance.


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