He’s Here

At 9:11pm on Saturday, June 23rd, Henry Steven Michael was born. He weighed 7 pounds, 10 ounces, 19.75 inches long and perfect in every way. I’ll be sure to post the birth story later in the week, but until then, here is a picture to tide you over.



Water has been broken

This is the earliest I’ve been up in a while….but about 15 minutes ago I had my water broken. My midwife said that there was a bit of meconium in it, but that we’re not going to worry about that right now.

I’m currently 6 cm dilated and 80% effaced and the baby is at -1 station. I’m really hoping that things go quickly from here on out, but we’ll see. The contractions are still very mild at this point with some back pain. But, so far I’ve got them under control.

I’ll try to update again later if I’m able, or I’ll have J do it so you can know what’s going on.

Send good thoughts and vibes my way!!!!

Update from the Hospital

J and I checked into the hospital and were taken to a room for our scheduled induction (something that I’ve been a bad blogger about, sorry). This might be TMI, so for you squeamish readers, you may want to skip to the next part. For the induction, my midwife has inserted a balloon that will dilate my cervix to 5cm before falling out. From there in the morning she will break my water and that should kick me into labor; that way, I hopefully won’t be hooked up to the dreaded pitocin.

So far things are going well, the ballon insertion wasn’t TOO bad; mostly uncomfortable, but I wouldn’t call it painful. Right now I’m feeling a whole lot of crampiness and pressure, some to the point where I get extremely uncomfortable, and I will more than likely take them up on the offer of some Ambien so I can sleep through the night.

That’s about all for now, I’ll update later when I have some more information, stay tuned!



This is a video of my baby trying to break out of my stomach.  At least it feels that way.


This is a video of an alien trying to break out of of Ripley from Aliens.  The similarities are striking ……


Dear Poppy Seed –

Yesterday you hit the 38 week mark!  I can’t believe how fast this pregnancy has gone and how close we are to the end.  While this pregnancy hasn’t exactly been easy for me, I wouldn’t trade a single minute of any of it for anything.  I can’t express how excited I am to hold you in my arms and revel in the fact that you’re mine.  According to the ultrasounds that I’ve had you’re around 7 1/2 pounds right now – which is a perfect size for a baby in my opinion.  This week you’re shedding the vernix and lanugo that covers your skin and generally getting ready for life outside the womb.

I’ve been on bed rest for a week now.  It hasn’t been horrible, and thankfully I don’t have to go too much longer till I can leave the house and get up off the sofa without your dad herding me back to my original spot.  My back has really been hurting lately, as has my pelvis.  You’re sitting really low right now, and it feels like my pelvis is stretching out to accommodate you (which while uncomfortable needs to happen).

While I’ve been on bed rest, your dad’s and my good friends Kathleen and Eric came over to help your dad clean the house from top to bottom to get it ready for you.  I can’t express to them how grateful we are for their help and how lucky we are to have friends like them to help out when we really need it.  They were here almost the whole day, but our house  now gleams from their hard work.  Thank you so much Kat and Eric, you’ve made everything so much less stressful for us, and we couldn’t ask for better friends!

I had a midwife appointment yesterday that pretty much left me reeling, which is why your post is a day late (sorry for that).  My midwife is concerned about my heart rate and blood pressure at the moment.  She’s concerned that my heart rate always being elevated is now causing your heart rate to be elevated.  And if my heart rate is elevated at rest, it’ll go even higher when I’m in labor – which could cause your heart rate to get way too high.  On top of that my blood pressure is still high – and it’s looking like I have the beginnings of preeclampsia – although I don’t have it yet.

So, what’s happening now is that I’ve been put on a beta blocker to help lower my heart rate and help lower my blood pressure.  I have a midwife appointment on Monday, and if the beta blocker has done its job by then, then it’s very likely that I’ll be induced on Monday or Tuesday.  If it hasn’t, they’ll give me until Thursday to wait to induce me, but Thursday is the longest that they’ll wait to induce.  I really don’t have too much longer until I get to hold you in my arms.  And while things aren’t necessarily going the way that I envisioned, I can’t wait to meet you and get to know you!

Keep growing and remember that I love you so much!  I’ll see you very soon!!

– Mom

Near Labor

So, I started having contractions last night around 6:00.  They were irregular and far apart, but continued on until around 3:00 this morning, at which point….they stopped.  I’m bummed that they stopped, I was really hoping that was it.  I’ve had a few contractions today, but they’re even more spread out than they were last night.  At this point in time I’m just really uncomfortable and ready to get this show on the road.

In the words of Pam Halpert from The Office “I’m not in labor, I’m near labor.”

On the bright side though, I have the best bed rest companion ever.

My Sister <3

I don’t think that I’ve mentioned that my sister and brother-in-law are the godparents of my baby.  I love them both to pieces, and one of the reasons why is that they can make me laugh like no one else.  My sister has been keeping tabs on my pregnancy and wanting updates on if I’ve gone into labor just about every 15 minutes.

I had a conversation with my sister today that went a little something like this:


Me: I don’t know how I can be so bored and so tired at the same time.

Zoe: You should bounce on a ball.  I heard that it can get labor going.  I heard that on the very respectful medical authority known as MTV’s “16 and Pregnant,” highly respected.

Me: (laughing and contemplating bouncing on the yoga ball that’s across the room)

Zoe: You should light a fire near your crotch and smoke the baby out!

Me: (Laughing my ass off)


Those comments made my day!  I love my sister!