Crenshaw Melon

Dear Poppy Seed –

We’ve made it to 36 weeks!  That’s a huge milestone in my book, as next week you’ll be officially full term!  It’s hard to believe that we have 4 weeks to go until your due date.  This time just flew by, at least this whole third trimester did.  The first trimester dragged on and on, mostly because it’s hard for time to fly when you’re throwing up multiple times a day.  At 36 weeks you’re now the size of a crenshaw melon.  I’ve never heard of one of those before, but apparently they’re pretty big.  There’s really no new information on what’s new with you this week.  You’re still plumping up and getting ready for your big entrance.

I had a midwife appointment this morning, and I actually received nothing but good news!  I’ve lost another pound, but my midwife isn’t concerned at all because she knows that you’re growing.  Speaking of growth, my fundal height was at 36 cm today, and that’s the first time I’ve measured exactly what week I am!  Usually my belly measures a week a head.  My blood pressure is still good too.  My midwife was very pleased with my blood sugar readings and didn’t mention putting me on medication at all.  So, I’m to continue my walks everyday and keep monitoring my diet as I’ve been doing too.  I was tested for group B strep today, and that’s all I’m going to say about that.  She also checked my cervix (which was so incredibly painful!) and she told me that my cervix is soft and that I’m about a fingertip dilated, which means that my body is doing what it’s supposed to be doing – gearing up for labor!  I’m now to start taking evening primrose oil and drink red raspberry leaf tea to help my cervix soften even more.

I’ve been experiencing a lot of round ligament pain lately.  My midwife told me to go slower and to rest when it happens because I can bruise or actually hurt myself if I don’t.  Sleep has been ok the past two nights.  I still get up to go to the bathroom multiple times, but I’m usually able to fall right back to sleep.  I’m also getting really tired, and I get worn out really super easily now.  I keep reading that I’m going to get a burst of energy for nesting, but I haven’t felt that as of yet, and I’m starting to wonder if I will.

This weekend is going to be a busy weekend for your dad, you and me.  We’re going to put the finishing touches on your nursery, and I promise to post pictures as soon as it’s complete.  Basically we need to paint and put up some shelves so we have some more storage space, and finish putting all of your clean clothes and diapers away.  We’re also going to Babies ‘R Us to get the final things we need for you before you arrive.  I’m also getting a few things for the hospital bag and I’ll pack that this weekend too.  Our last birth and baby class is tonight and we actually get to learn about what to do once you arrive.  I’m looking forward to that a lot, these classes have been fun and I feel like the smart kid in class because I already know the answers to all of the questions that the teacher asks.

I think that sums up everything so far.  Keep growing and I I’ll see you soon!


– Mom


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