Dear Poppy Seed –

Today we hit the 35 week mark, which means that you’re about the size of a honeydew melon.  All of the books and websites say that you’re pretty much done growing in length and are just going to be working on plumping up.  It’s now my job to ensure that we don’t go overboard on that front.  You’re also starting to run out of room in there.  When your dad and I first started to feel you move your dad would ask me where you were so he’d know where to put his hand.  Your dad asked me that the other day and I believe my response to him was “where isn’t he?”   Now it doesn’t seem to matter where a hand is on my belly, they’ll be able to feel you move.  Your dad often remarks about how strong you are when he’s feeling your kicks, and I do have to agree with him.  Your kicks can be quite strong and sometimes surprisingly strong.  I also think that you’ve dropped or have started to drop.  My walks for the past week have been so much easier to do since I’m not huffing and puffing all the way through them anymore.  I think that my lungs now have a little bit more breathing room (hehe).

Not a whole lot new with me right now.  I’m sleeping ok, but not great.  I’m waking up about 2 times a night now to pee, but other than those episodes it’s the only time I really wake up.  I’m moving pretty slowly too, and I definitely think that I’m waddling now.  I get tired pretty quickly and I have to take a whole bunch of quick rests during labor intensive task so that I can accomplish them, that is if I even get around to attempting them.  I’ve been having a lot of round ligament pain lately too.  And while those are sharp and can be quite painful, they only last a second or two, so they’re easily manageable.

I’m worried about you and me right now.  I’m worried that I won’t get the chance to carry you until you’re ready to come out.  I’m worried that you might get stuck coming out.  I’m worried that you could hurt or injure yourself during the birth.  I’m worried that I won’t be able to birth you and that I’ll have to have a C-Section to get you out.  I can honestly say that I’m trying my best to have my gestational diabetes stay under control so that it will have little to no effect on you, but I’m starting to get the impression that my best may not be good enough.

On a bright side your dad and I got to see you on an ultrasound yesterday.  I started tearing up as soon as you appeared on the screen.  You’re absolutely adorable!  I may make big babies, but I also make darn cute ones.  Your dad’s side of the family all think that you look like him, and my side of the family thinks that you look like me.  I’m curious to see your newborn photo compared to that of your dad’s and mine, and I only have a little wait until I get to do that.

I love you so much!  Keep growing (reasonably please), and I’ll see you soon!!

– Mom


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