Cardiologist Update

I finally got a call back from the cardiologist’s office.  I spoke to a nurse and not the actual doctor who reviewed my results, which kinda irritated me because I now have more questions than I do answers.

The nurse told me that the doctor reviewed my test and that he saw “minor abnormalities,” but that at this time he doesn’t think that I need to be on medication or have any other type of intervention.  I have no idea what the “minor abnormalities” are.  The nurse did say that the cardiologist sent my results to my midwife, so I’ll ask her about it when I see her today and maybe she can tell me what the “minor abnormalities” are.

The next time I see the cardiologist will be when I’m six months postpartum.  He wants to know if it was the pregnancy putting this added stress on my heart, or if this is just the way my heart normally behaves.

I’m not really sure what I’m supposed to do with these results.  It’s not exactly good news, but it’s not bad either.  What I take from this is that my heart is doing some funky things (again, I have no idea what), but at the moment it’s not a cause for concern.  However, it could be a cause for concern sometime for me later in life.  Part of me wants to call the doctor’s office and demand a follow-up appointment where the doctor will tell me everything that he saw during the echocardiogram.  And another part of me thinks that if the doctor doesn’t think it’s a big deal then it can probably wait until my next appointment (which will probably be in about 7 months).

I really wish that life was simple and clear-cut, but I’m finding that in the world of medicine that it rarely is.


One thought on “Cardiologist Update

  1. That is so obnoxious!! I’m so sick of the medical industry and healthcare providers not taking time with patients to explain things in detail, answer questions etc. It’s like, hello, we didn’t go to medical school. Hello, this is our body/life, maybe it would be best if we were informed? It’s like they have NO idea what it’s like to be a patient!

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