I love going out on dates with my husband, which is fitting, since I did marry him.  We spent all of yesterday hanging out together and just generally having a good time.  We took it easy at home all morning, relaxing and catching up on our favorite shows that we missed during the week.  Then, we got ready/dressed for the day and went to go see The Avengers.  I do have to say that the whole movie going experience was a little sad as I couldn’t enjoy my usual of sourpatch kids and a large coke – and I could only have a minimal amount of popcorn.  However, the movie being awesome made up for the lack of snacks.  The only downside to the movie (which really isn’t a downside at all) was that the movie was long.  About 3/4 of the way through, my back and hips really started to bother me, which caused me to squirm and fidget through the entire battle scene of the movie because I couldn’t get comfortable.  This should fix itself soon enough once the baby is born, and then I’ll be able to sit for long periods of time without whimpering.

After the movie, we wandered around the mall so I could stretch my legs.  I bought some lotion from bath and body works that I’m planning on putting in the hospital bag (or the Baby Bug Out Bag as J likes to call it), it’s called Stress Relief and has eucalyptus and spearamint in it and just smells awesome.  From there we made our way downtown and wandered around the shops that were still opened.  We didn’t get to do that for very long because my back really started to hurt (it appears that I can’t sit or stand for any length of time without whimpering, thanks to my ever changing center of gravity).

We ended our night at a local bar where J had a couple beers and I had a few unsweet teas (something does not seem quite fair about that) and we sat and talked for a  few hours, just enjoying each others company.

I cherish the days when we can spend time with each other like that.  Days where we spend our whole time together holding hands, smiling and laughing.  I’m so fortunate that I was able to marry my best friend, and I look forward to a lifetime of similarly perfect dates with him.

I love you J, thank you for a wonderful date!


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