Pregnancy Randomness

I’m coming up on six weeks left until D Day.  I’m beginning to find it hard to think about anything else.  I’m really having a  hard time staying motivated at work since I know that I only have a short time until I’m cuddled at home with a baby.  It’s very similar to when you know that you’re going on vacation and you have all this work that needs to be completed or have it be at a good stopping point, but all you can think about is that you’re going to be on vacation soon – so you really don’t care about the piles of paper on your desk.

I’m also starting to get really, really tired.  Yesterday I had a mini meltdown when I got home, which I think came from a mixture of hormones and sleep deprivation.  I left work at 5:30, which is a half an hour later than I wanted to leave.   When I got home at 6:15, I started tearing up because I still had to go to the grocery store, and then cook dinner, and then eat dinner, and by the time all of that was done it would be time to go to bed.  And I started crying because I didn’t have just a moment to sit and relax and take a deep breathe.  J had to work late last night because all of the seniors had to present their senior projects, and all the teachers were required to stay and help.  Even though he was super busy, he was very sweet and understanding and stopped by the store on his way home so that I could have a moment to put my feet up and relax before I had to go to bed.  I have the best husband ever, and because of him I was able to relax a bit last night and I think because of that I had a fairly successful night of sleep.

I think that I’m also starting to nest.  I see everything that needs to be cleaned and I want to clean it, but I’m seriously lacking the energy to do so.  I saw all of this dust hanging from the ceiling fan in our kitchen, and it just made my shoulders slump in defeat because I couldn’t easily clean it, nor was I willing to go and get the dust rag and step stool so I could clean it.  I’m hoping that at some point I’ll be too overcome with the urge to clean that it won’t hit me that I’m really too tired to do so.  That’s my hope, we’ll see if it actually happens.

….six more weeks!


One thought on “Pregnancy Randomness

  1. This all sounds JUST LIKE ME. The sudden meltdowns, the lack of energy and motivation, but the ability to see every speck of dust in our house. Can we come help you clean sometime in June? I was so grateful for our family who came on her due date to help clean one last time.

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