It has been a busy day.

I had my cardiologist appointment at 12:30 today.  The frustrating thing is that I have no idea what the results are.  I simply had my heart ultrasounded.  The ultrasound tech wouldn’t tell me anything about what she saw or what she was doing – and the ultrasound took about 30 minutes, so you can imagine that the room was pretty quiet the whole time.  I kinda got to see the monitor.  She had my facing away from it, but if I tilted my head back I could see what was going on.  She took a lot of pictures and sound recordings.  She also kept telling me to “breathe in deep and hold it,” “stop breathing,” “sniff,”and all that kind of stuff.  And I was noticing that it was affecting my heart rate (which was all over the place, ranging from 90 bpm to 130 bmp).  The ultrasound tech did tell me that the cardiologist will review the ultrasound and call me with the results anytime between now and 10 business days.  So, now I’m just playing the waiting game…

I also had my regularly schedule midwife appointment, they had to bump it up to earlier in the day so J couldn’t be there.  My midwife and I talked about my blood sugar readings – which for the most part are really good – she said that my after meal ones are excellent, but that my fasting ones need work (which is true).  I think that I’m starting to figure it out.  If I eat dinner late, I can’t have an after dinner snack (which I usually don’t – even though my diabetes stuff says to) and usually my blood sugar readings are good the next morning.  It’s when I eat dinner early, and don’t eat a snack before bed that my sugar readings are higher – so lesson learned.  Hopefully this will help me keep them under control.

The big thing weighing on me is that if I can’t get my fasting sugars under control that my midwife says that induction at 40 weeks is very likely- because we don’t want a baby that’s too big (which can happen when your blood sugar isn’t under control).  So, now I have even more motivation (not that I wasn’t motivated before) to figure all this shit out.

We also went over my birth wishes, and my midwife was right on board with everything that I had down with a few minor exceptions (most of them hospital policy).  I’ll post my birth wishes probably tomorrow for you to see.

She also mentioned that she thinks that I should stop working at 39-40 weeks.  My plan all along was that I would go on maternity leave when I went into labor.  Since I don’t have maternity benefits, I can’t afford to take a lot of time off, simply because I won’t be paid for it.  That, and I want to spend all my time off cuddled with my baby and not twiddling my thumbs waiting for him to arrive. So, I have some thinking to do on that front.  If I’m induced at 40 weeks then it isn’t an issue, but I’m really hoping to skip the induction route.  I think that a natural birth would be a million times harder if I was induced.

Anyway, I think I’ve rambled on long enough.  It’s time to go home and put my feet up!


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