Birth and Baby Class – Part 1

Last night J and I had our first of five birthing classes.  It was pretty cool.  It was nice to meet other preggos – who are due around the same time I am.  Although, most of the people in there are due the 1st of 2nd week of July, so my due date was actually the earliest of everyone’s.  There were about 12 couples total in the class, and 3 of them (including us) were midwife patients =).  One of the really funny things was that she had an empathy belly – you know the pregnant shaped weight sacks that people put on men so they can get an idea of what’s it’s like to carry around all of the extra weight of pregnancy.  Our instructor is making each guy in the class wear it for 20 minutes all throughout the course of these classes.  J actually got to wear it last night (sadly he wouldn’t give me his phone so that I could take a picture).  He said that it wasn’t so bad except that it put a lot of pressure on his bladder (at least that part is true to life).  The bad part was that they all got to wear it while sitting down, so it didn’t have a chance to pull at their backs like it should have.

During the class we mainly talked about the different stages of labor, signs of labor and the difference between “warm up” labor (our instructor didn’t want to call it false labor – because of it’s negative connotation) and regular labor.

During the break J and I wandered the halls of the hospital for a bit – it’s actually a really swanky hospital.  The part that we were in didn’t feel sterile and cold – but actually warm and a little homey.  So while it’s not a birthing center, or my house, I don’t think that I’ll mind giving birth there.

At the end of the class we all got on the floor in a comfy position and did a guided meditation type of thing, where we relaxed our entire bodies.  The purpose of this is to practice it a lot now so that when we’re in labor we can better relax ourselves so that our bodies can do what they’re meant to do without our heads getting in the way.  I really enjoyed it – J on the other had twitched and fiddled during the entire exercise, and as I was leaning against him – it made it somewhat difficult to relax completely, but I got pretty close.

All in all, it was pretty good and I’m excited for next weeks class because we’ll learn massage (or more to the point J will learn massage)!


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