Dear Poppy Seed –

OMFG….32 weeks have passed already!  It’s really hard to believe that there’s only 8 more weeks until you’re here, but it’s true, the two month count down has started!  This week you’re the size of a squash or weigh as much as a jicama, which means that you’re just shy of 17 inches long and just under 4 lbs in weight.  Everything that I’ve read says that right now you’re practicing all of your mad skills (sucking, swallowing, breathing – although admittedly that one might be a bit difficult in a bunch of fluid) so that you’ll have them down pat when you’re born.  You’re also chunking up (reasonably so) so that you’ll be cute and adorable when you’re born (you’ll be that no matter what though).

Right now my life feels like I’m going 100 miles a minute.  I’ve had more doctor appointments and more appointment on my calendar in the last two weeks than I’m used to and I feel like I don’t actually have a chance to sit and relax.  Not to mention that I’m now having to make up my time at work that I miss (due to midwife appointments) on the weekends, so now I have even less time to just sit and breathe a sigh of relief.  It’s not as bad as I’m making it seem, but I’m still 100x busier than I would like to be.

I took a breastfeeding class this past Tuesday that went over how to breastfeed and what to do if problems arise.  I learned some pretty cool facts about breastfeeding that I didn’t know.  Apparently, now there’s research showing that not only does breastfeeding reduce the mother’s risk of developing breast cancer, but also the baby’s (specifically if it’s a girl) – so yay for breastfeeding!  Next week is the second part of the class where I’ll learn about breastfeeding an older child and how to manage with going back to work and I’m looking forward to it.  Tonight your dad and I start our birthing class at the hospital where you’ll be delivered, and we continue them for every Thursday in May.  I’m excited about it and I hope that we get a lot of good information out of it.

After my incident on Monday my braxton hicks contractions have quieted down and now I’m back to just having a few a day (hoping that it stays that way).  Which is much better than every 15-20 minutes all day long!  As much as I am excited to meet you, it’s way too early for that to happen – so stay put for the next 6-8 weeks ok?

This weekend your dad and I are attending a baby shower that’s being thrown by his student’s and their parents.  It should be a lot of fun – I’m just hoping that I’ll be able to eat some of the food there.  I’ll probably have to go on a really long walk after it to help my blood sugar level out.

I washed a bunch of your clothes last weekend and we put them all away (you should be impressed because I don’t even put my clothes away).  I just need to wash your diapers a few times now to make sure that they’re nice and absorbent for when they cover your cute little tushie.  Your nursery should be almost complete this weekend.  We still need to get curtains for the room and a couple more finishing touches (I’m still looking for the perfect mobile to go above your crib), but it’s just about done!

Keep growing, kicking and moving!  And above all, remember that I love you!

– Mom


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