Dear Poppy Seed –

We’ve now crossed the 31 week mark, which means just 9 more to go until your due date!  This week says that you’re the weight of 4 navel oranges, and says that you’re the size of a pineapple.  Whatever the comparison is, you’re now about 16-18 inches long and just about finished growing in length, and weigh around 3 lbs.  The big news this week is that your brain is really starting to develop now.  You’re now processing a bunch of information,  and all of your five senses are now working, which is just pretty amazing.  One thing that I can certainly attest to is that your sleep cycles are evening out more and becoming easier to recognize (you’re awake right now, in case you were wondering).  Your movements are stronger, but different than there were earlier in the pregnancy.  I feel a lot of pressure from you lately, like your pushing up against the walls of my uterus instead of just smacking into them.  You can definitely see my tummy move when you do, it’s kinda crazy to watch.  According to my midwife you’re also in a head-down position, which is cool.  Let’s keep you in that position for the rest of the pregnancy, ok?

Sleep – it is the bane of my existence.  For the past couple of nights my hips have been what’s causing me to sleep so horribly.  I’ll wake up and whatever side I’m lying on – that hip will be on fire, so I’ll roll over (which almost takes an act of congress to accomplish) and then the cycle repeats itself.  I was finally able to get comfortable around 4:30 this morning and that’s when I was propped up in a reclining position with my pillows lying on my back.

The gestational diabetes is going ok, but not great.  My blood sugar readings for fasting, breakfast and lunch are all good – always under where they need to be, but dinner the past 3 nights has been causing me problems.  I’ll think that I’m doing great, but I mess up somewhere along the way.  I’m going one more night on my own before I break down and call the diabetes nutritionist that I’ve been assigned to.  I’m hoping that I can make it work tonight, I have a very light carb meal planned – pork chop, green beans and wild rice (nom nom nom).

Your diapers arrived last week, and I’ve been too busy to write about it!  But they are super cute and soft and I can’t wait to put your bum into one!  Here’s a demonstration for ya.  Just so you know, that diaper isn’t set on the smallest size, I was playing around with the toggles to see how to loosen and tighten it.

Your dad and I have some final things to do to your nursery, but it’s mostly complete (hopefully pictures will be coming soon!).  I’m going to be doing a lot of your laundry this weekend and putting things away/together to get it prepped even more.  So, hopefully by the time you arrive it will be perfect.

Keep growing and remember that I love you!

– Mom


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