Midwife Appointment

Yesterday I had my scheduled midwife appointment.  They got my weight (it’s been the same for the last 3 visits – which my midwife said is perfectly fine), my BP (which was 120/80 – also perfectly fine).  My doula came with me, as J couldn’t be there because of work.  She and I sat and chatted for a bit while we waited for the midwife to come in, we didn’t have to wait too long.

The first thing that we talked about was the gestational diabetes.  I took along a spreadsheet that I’d made that shows all of my blood sugar readings thus far – she seemed to be impressed by it and asked that I keep it up and bring in an updated one for the next appointment.  For the most part she said that all of my readings look good.  At that point in time I only had 2 that were over what they were supposed to be, and she said that she really wants me to work on having ALL of my readings perfect.  She said that after meals shouldn’t be anything over 130, and that some are now saying it shouldn’t be over 120 – so to keep that in mind.  But, at the same time, she was impressed that I was able to do so well without having had my diabetes counselling session yet (which is today).

We talked about the risk of gestational diabetes – she told me that if it is controlled that there are virtually no risks – so let that be my motivation.  If it goes uncontrolled I could have a monster sized baby, or a teeny tiny baby as the gestational diabetes can cause the placenta to not function they way it’s meant to, which could lead to preterm labor.  But, again, if it’s controlled there’s virtually no risks.  I asked if the diagnosis meant that I was considered high risk, and what it meant for me appointment wise – she told me that I’m not high risk, and that we’re just going to keep going the way we’ve been going – which was a great relief to hear.

I asked her about the thyroid reading and if she thinks that I have hypothyroidism.  She said that only one number was low (T4), and just based on that she doesn’t think that I have hypothyroidism.  She did say that they know that pregnancy affects the thyroid, so they want to watch it postpartum to make sure that my body doesn’t start attacking it, but that the likelihood of that is small.

We talked about the cardiologist appointment.  She didn’t seem to be too concerned about it, and that her gut feeling is that I just have an abnormally fast heart rate, but that we’ll wait and see what the cardiologist says at the next appointment.

We talked for a bit on preterm labor – the signs of it and what I should do if it happens.  She said that at this point in time if anything becomes painful and doesn’t go away with rest or hydration I’m to call or go in, that she’ll want to see me or send me to the ER.

 Next, she felt around on my belly and said that she thinks the baby is in the head down position.  She got out the doppler and we listened to his heart rate – it was between 150-160.  My fundal height was 32 centimeters, and as I’ll be 31 weeks tomorrow, I’m right on track.
Overall it was a great appointment, we discussed a lot and I think that we have a good game plan for the next little while.  I got back in two weeks, and next time I’m bringing my birth wishes to discuss with her.

One thought on “Midwife Appointment

  1. Proud of you for your good attitude!! My thyroid went a little whacky after pregnancy, but leveled back out again in a couple months. See you Friday and Saturday!!!

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