Blood Sugar

I got my blood sugar meter yesterday at the pharmacy, and I made the pharmacist show me how to use it.  When he first started talking about it, I’ll admit that I got kinda queasy.  I don’t like blood or the idea of purposefully injuring myself to collect blood.  In my honest opinion blood belongs inside the body.  But, as that’s not an option for me right now I had to learn.  My meter has four parts to it.  The meter itself, which is a OneTouch Ultra Mini.

It has the  test strip which sucks up the blood (which is the thing poking out of the meter on the left).

There’s also the lancing device that holds the lancets (needles).  This is the part the pricks your fingers so you can get the drop of blood that you need for testing.

The lancing device has multiple settings that you can set the needle to, so you don’t need to over stab yourself.  Apparently though, my fingers don’t like to bleed, so I have to have it on the highest setting and even then I have to usually squeeze the blood out of my fingers to get enough to test.  This is nothing new for me, I once stopped bleeding when I was donating blood for the Red Cross.

The good news in all of this is that I’ve been doing well on my blood sugar readings so far (knock on wood).  Last night after dinner it was 112 and after all meals it needs to be under 130.  My fasting reading this morning was 77, and that needs to be under 90.  After breakfast today it was 98, which again is under 130, so I think that I’m doing well in my meal choices so far.  I’ll see how lunch affects me in a little bit.

At first, I do have to say that this sucked.  The first couple times I had to do it didn’t go so well.  I’d either not get enough blood out, or put the blood on the test strip before putting it in the meter, which would mean that I’d have to stab myself again and try again.  But I’m getting better and better about this as I do it and it’s really not so bad now.  I wouldn’t say that I enjoy it, or even look forward to it (I mean, who would?), but it’s not awful, and I can see it soon becoming a fact of life, and no big deal.


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