Dear Poppy Seed –

You and I have made it to 30 weeks!  Ten more to go until your due date.  These weeks seem like they’re flying by.  Right now you’re about 3lbs and and getting close to 16 inches in length or the size of a head of cabbage!!  The new developments for you this week are that you can now regulate your own body temperature, which means that you’ll now be shedding the lanugo (downy hair that you grew to help you keep warm).  You’re brain is also getting wrinklier by the day, which means that you’re starting to get pretty smart in there!!  I’m not sure why, but 30 weeks seems like a milestone to me.  Maybe because it means that we’re 3/4 of the way done with the pregnancy, or maybe it’s a nice even number.  Whatever the reason, I’m happy that we’ve made it this far together and that you seem to be doing splendidly!

Goodness, there are a lot of developments with me within the past week.  I’m now a gestational diabetic – which means that the pregnancy is now considered high risk.  You and I will be monitored more, which means more midwife appointments and maybe another ultrasound or two.  I have to watch what I eat and monitor my blood sugar and work out regularly.  I think I’m doing a good job on all of this – even though it’s only been a couple days since I’ve been doing it,  but for the most part I do feel better.  Since changing my diet I’ve noticed that I have more energy and don’t get as tired as often, so that’s good.  I might have hypothyroidism, but definitely not hyperthyroidism.  And I went to see a cardiologist today about my heart rate and we’re not sure what’s going on there – but it looks like more testing needs to be done (more on this later).  In the mean time you just get to listen to fast heart rate (it was 146 bpm at the cardiologist’s this morning).

I’ve spent the last several days really worried about you and that I’m not doing enough to take care of you.  I would hate it if my life choices affect your life negatively now or 30+ years down the road.  I always want you to be healthy and to have the best of whatever I can provide for you.  I want you to know that I’m taking my diagnosis seriously and changing my habits so that you can be healthy and happy.  I’ll feel so much better when I can meet with a registered dietitian and form a plan to ensure that you’re going to be fine.  I don’t want you to be born early, I want to carry you to term.  I don’t want to deliver a “large” baby, I want you to be a perfect and healthy size.  I don’t want you to develop type 2 diabetes later in life or have propensity for obesity.  Your dad and I want to make good choices so that we can raise you and teach you how to be and stay healthy.  Remember that I always want the best for you.  Keep moving and growing!




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