I called my doctor’s office and got my blood test results this morning, and I’ve basically been on the internet ever since I got off the phone with them to try and understand what they mean.

My TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) was normal at 1.74 – normal range is 0.3 – 3

My T4 hormone was low at 0.73 – normal range is 0.7 -2

Over the phone I was told that the doctor wants to have my levels checked again postpartum.  As I spoke to a nurse, I don’t think that she’s allowed to tell me exactly what these levels mean, but the interwebs can, and from my very limited knowledge I believe that I might have hypothyroidism.  So, there’s another reason why I have such a hard time losing weight (when not pregnant) and feel tired all the time.

I’m hoping that while I’m at the doctor’s on Monday (more blood work) that I can also schedule a time to meet with one of the midwives about my thyroid levels and what exactly it means not only for me, but how it will affect my pregnancy and the baby.  I wish I didn’t have to wait the whole weekend to get some answers.


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