From Bad to Worse

So, since Monday I’ve been feeling bad – really tired, some minor dizzy spells and my hearts been racing at times.  So I went to see my midwife today.  She unfortunately wasn’t there because of an emergency surgery, so I had to see one of the Obs.  The Ob was very nice, but did not have the bedside manner that the midwives do.  She checked me out and said that she thinks the tiredness is coming from the fact that I’m anemic (the blood work I had done yesterday was in).  I’m not horribly anemic, but enough for it to make me feel exhausted.  She seemed very concerned about my heart rate (it was 122 bpm at the office today).  So, she wanted me to have more blood drawn to check my thyroid.  If my thyroid comes back normal she wants to refer me to a cardiologist to get checked out.  This last part is a little scary to me and is causing me to stress just a bit.  I should get the thyroid results tomorrow or Monday at the latest.  So, yeah, apparently being pregnant is becoming a huge strain on my body…..


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