Butternut Squash

Dear Poppy Seed –

We’ve made it to 29 weeks, which means 11 more to go until your due date!!!  It makes me feel like I should really start getting a lot of stuff done and finalized for your arrival (no pressure, of course).  You’re now the size of a butternut squash, around 2.5 -3 pounds and 15-17 inches in length.  While you’re almost done growing in length, you’ve still got some plumping up to do.  I’m trying to watch what I eat so that we’re both gaining weight in a healthy way, my goal is to keep at it and to try and up my exercise a bit too.  I want us to be as healthy as possible when delivery time comes.

Braxton Hicks contractions are happening all the time now.  I’ll usually get 3 or 4 a day, sometimes more, sometimes less.  I’m not sure I knew what was going on the first couple that I had.  It starts out as a tightening in the lower abdomen and then spreads to the whole uterine area.  My stomach can get quite hard and it’s uncanny to feel the difference between my tummy when it’s having a contraction and when it’s not.  They don’t hurt, and they don’t have any kind of regularity to them, so for the mean time they’re just kind of a cool experience.  My feet continue to swell.  The walk I went on last night helped a lot in depuffing them.  Walking and water consumption are the things that make a difference where swelling is concerned with me.

I’m feeling under the weather today.  Extremely tired, with lots of sneezing and congestion, not to mention that I’ve had a few dizzy spells.  I’m going to my midwive’s office to get checked out, so hopefully everything will be fine.  I know that you’re doing great because I’m feeling you move a lot, so that’s at least one less thing to worry about.  Most likely it’s just a cold or bad allergies, but better safe than sorry where you’re concerned.

Your nursery is coming together so well!  It’s all painted and we have the furniture all set up.  Your dad and I are picking up the rocking chair that will go in the nursery this weekend, I can’t wait to sit an rock you in it!  I’ve been cleaning and dusting a bunch of the stuffed animals that your dad and I had when we were growing up and putting them in your room.  Just so you know, there are a millions stuffed bears in your room (and surprisingly 99% of them are mine and not your dads – for some reason he found stuffed bears scary growing up).  Now I just have to get a few more accessories for your room and it will be perfect.  I ordered your diapers this week, and I can’t wait to put your cute little tushy in them!  We’re also traveling up to Kentucky this weekend for one of your showers.  I expect that we’ll just mostly get knitted and hand made gifts at this shower, but I’m cool with that.  We have a few more showers planned where we’ll get stuff from our registry.

Keep growing and moving and remember that I love you!

– Mom


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