Chinese Cabbage

Dear Poppy Seed –

Happy Third Trimester!!  We are 2/3s of the way through with this pregnancy and rapidly approaching the time when we will meet face to face.  It’s crazy to think that I have about 12 more weeks of pregnancy, or at least 12 more weeks until your due date.  At 28 weeks along you now weigh as much as a chinese cabbage, which is about 2.25 to 2.5 pounds.  You’re now also around 16 inches long from head to heel.  I feel you moving all the time now (you’re kicking me as I write this).  Every now and then you have bouts where it feels like your doing kung fu in there, it’s so crazy to feel.  Your new developments this week is that your eyes are now blinking and that when you sleep you now have REM cycles, which means that you’re dreaming now!

I’m one swollen and puffy person.  At least my feet and hands are.  Every time I look down at my feet I keep expecting them to explode from the sheer amount fluid that’s been collecting in them (there has to be a limit as to how much they can take).  My sciatica comes and goes, I’m finding that the more I’m on my feet the more my hips will hurt, so I’m trying to go a little slower.  I’m not sleeping horribly (knock on wood), my new pillow arrangement seems to be working.  I now sleep with a pillow between my knees and one under the bump and two under my head.  That seems to help a lot.  My appetite seems to come and go.  I fill up way faster that I used to (probably because my stomach doesn’t have as much room as it used to).  I haven’t had that overall urge to just stuff my face that I keep reading about.  In fact, last night I wasn’t hungry for dinner at all…I did make myself an egg sandwich though, but even that was difficult for me to eat.  I have to admit that aside from feeling you move and grow, that I’m not really enjoying the pregnant process all that much.  It puts an incredible strain on my body that is just hard to get past.  I can’t wait until you’re here and I can hold you in my arms.

Your dad and I have a busy next couple of weeks all planned around you!  We’re going to Ikea this week to buy your crib, a dresser that we’ll use as a changing table and a bookshelf for your nursery.  Next week we’ll be able to pick up the rocking chair that will go in your room, and your dad and I have a friend who is kind enough to reupholster it for us as a baby shower gift.  I’ve found the rug that I want to put in your room, so we’ll hopefully be able to pick that up some time soon as well.  Your dad has off of work next week for spring break and is planning on painting your room (I can’t wait for that to happen!).  Next weekend we’re traveling up to Louisville so that my aunts can throw me a baby shower.  With all of these things happening it really does feel like you’ll be here before we know it!  I’m so excited for it!!!  Keep growing and moving!


– Mom


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