Work in Progress

I’ve had a good but busy weekend working on the dresser that I got last week.  Yesterday I spent a solid 4 hours sanding the body of the dresser down.  Whoever painted it before I got it did a terrible job.  I was just planning on scuffing up the paint that was already on it so that it would take the new paint that I got.  However, nothing ever goes as easy as it’s planned.  The white paint just keep flaking and peeling off, so I had no choice to but keep sanding to remove it all (my arms are sore!).  It took about 4 hours yesterday which was a mix of using a power sander and elbow grease.  I got it to a good stopping point yesterday and then this morning I enlisted J to help me with the rest of it.  He power sanded while I manually sanded and together we were able to get it into painting/staining condition.  Take a look:

After we got all the sanding dust removed (with the help of a tac cloth and the leaf blower) we got everything ready for paint.  I chose an off white color called “Gardenia.”  It’s very creamy in person but in these pictures I think that it looks very white, which it doesn’t in person.  We applied two coats and parts of it got a 3rd coat to help with even coverage.  We stained the top red mahogany – which the first coat is still drying in this picture.  Tomorrow we’ll give it a second coat and then either Tuesday or next weekend we’ll poly it.  We finished it off with some pretty glass knobs.  Here’s the work in progress so far:

So, what do you think?  I’m really happy with it, and I can’t wait until it’s fully complete and dry so that I can put it in my dining room.


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