Crankiness and Decorating

I know that I’ve been kinda quiet lately and I’m sorry for that.  With a lot on my mind and not a lot going on I haven’t really felt much like blogging.  I’m sleeping horribly, mostly because I can’t seem to get comfortable, and what’s worse is that I can’t wake up without being in pain.  My hips and back hurt so much no matter how I lay or what I do to get comfortable.  I finally was able to take pressure off of my back and hips at around 4:30 this morning, so I basically got about 2 hours of sleep all night….which in case you couldn’t guess sucks (can you tell I’m cranky?)

I did manage to have some fun this weekend despite my sleep problems though.  My mom and I went furniture hunting on Saturday.  I was looking for a dresser/sideboard that could go in my dining room for added storage.  After going to about 7 different places that ranged from antique stores to consignment to goodwill, I finally decided to buy a white painted dresser that we found at the second place we looked.  I bought it, had it put in my car and drove it home.  By the time we got home it was too late to do anything with it, but we formed a plan to strip the top of it so we could stain it, and sand down the rest to paint it (the paint job on it was pretty bad).

Sunday morning we went out to the hardware store and bought the items necessary in giving this piece the attention that it needed.  We put the stripper on (a fume free one) and it proceed to take the top layer of paint right off.  The other 4 layers of paint were a bit more tricky, but adding coat after coat of stripper, plus scraping and sanding we were able to get it all off (this took about 6 hours total).  I forgot to take a before picture, sorry about that.

The drawers of the dresser have a beautiful applique on them, except that they’d been loaded up with layer after layer of paint, to the point that you could tell there was supposed to be a pretty design on it, but you have no idea what it actually was.  So, we stripped the appliques as well.  Only this didn’t go as smoothly.  We used a tooth brush, a wire brush, tooth picks, sponges, and a towel to try and get all the paint out of the intricate designs, and we were able to get most of it off, but not all.  I’m not thrilled with the drawers, but they are a million times better than they were.

After a full day of scraping and stripping (which didn’t help my back at all) I think we finally have it almost ready to paint / stain.  I still need to give the whole thing a good sanding and then cleaning, but other than that it’s good to go.

I’m planning on painting it the same blue that I used in my kitchen, and then painting or glazing it an off white over that so that the blue just kinda peeks through.  I’m really excited to tackle it and I can’t wait to post the finished pictures!


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