Midwife Appointment

I had my monthly midwife appointment yesterday, where I got to meet the other midwife in the practice.  She was very nice and had some great things to say, and all in all the appointment went really well.  I’m still on track to do the water birth, which is fantastic.  My weight gain has been good, and right on target.  The baby’s heart beat was good, in the 150s at rest, and the 160s during movement (he was pretty active during the appointment).  The only downside to the whole appointment was that my blood pressure was up.  It’s now 140/80.  I was told that since the bottom number has remained stable, that it’s more than likely that the top number was up because of daily stress.  They are going to watch it though and make sure that I don’t become pre-hypertensive or hypertensive.

I asked her about my sleep problems and I was told that it’s normal, although I’m experiencing it earlier than most women (…great…sigh…), but because all pregnancies are different this isn’t out of the ordinary.  She told me that I can take unisom or tylenol pm to help my sleep, so I’m probably going to be stopping by the drug store this week to pick some up.  I’ll let you know how the unisom works.

I asked her about my swollen feet.  She told me that some women become puffy during pregnancy, and I’m one of those women (again….great…..).  She said that as it gets hotter that it’s more than likely just going to get worse, but at least I won’t be pregnant in August (bright side?).  She said that a nightly bath would really help, especially if it submerged my stomach.  The bath would cause me to float and it would help with my circulation 10 times more than anything else.  The only downside here is that I have the shallowest bath tub on the face of the planet, the overflow drain was placed way too low on the tub for it to be usable by an adult….She said that walking will also help, and to make sure that my water intake stays high.  Other than that, it is what it is.

We talked a little bit about labor and how we want it to go.  Both midwives in the practice will pretty much let my body do what my body wants to do when it wants to do it.  They said that I’ll be able to eat and drink while in labor and that I can wear whatever I want while I labor (although I think I’ll stick with the hospital gown as I don’t want any of my clothes to get ruined).  It sounds pretty much like I can do whatever I want and the midwives and the hospital will support me, and that’s very comforting and reassuring.

As I said, all in all it was a really good appointment.  I just have to figure out how to keep my blood pressure low…


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