Cloth Diapers One More Time

So, I think I’ve changed my mind about how I’m going to cloth diaper my baby, and I’m hoping that I won’t change my mind after this, but we’ll see, no promises.  It takes me a few days to really process something and think it through, so I apologize if my frequent mind changes are confusing you.  After writing my last post about using pocket diapers and all-in-ones I realized that I would have to buy a ton of diapers, or at least what would feel like a ton of diapers. And I also realize that it would be expensive, even with purchasing a little at a time, and the whole goal of cloth diapering is to try and save some money.  So, my NEW plan is to primarily use All-In-Twos.

The All-In-Twos have a reusable waterproof shell, and you change out the liner when it becomes soiled.  So, while the outer layer or shell is a little more expensive, you don’t need that many of them as two can last you the majority of the day, or the whole day if you’re lucky.  You will need a bunch of the liners, but they are way less expensive than the shells, so it just seems way more economical.  The brand that I’m liking so far is the SoftBums Echo line.  I’ve been reading that they’re super absorbent and very trim, and you can stuff them as little or as much as you need to increase their absorbency.  They also have an adjustable leg hole so that it won’t be too lose or too tight for your baby.  What I really like about this brand of diaper is that the liners snap into the diaper shell, so that they won’t move, slide or bunch up on you and cause leaking like I’ve read other brands do.  I’m planning on stocking my diaper stash with 7-9 shells, and 24+ liners.  It also says on their website that these diapers will fit babies 6-35 pounds, so I might not even need to use a prefold!


The care instructions for these diapers also seems fairly straight forward.  A pre-soak, a hot wash and an extra rinse will get it all clean.  The shells you air dry, and these will fit nicely over my shower curtain rod as i don’t have a clothes line. The liners you can toss right into the dryer.  Like all cloth diapers you still have to prime these by washing 3-5 times on their own to increase their absorbency.  They also require that you use cloth diaper safe detergent and no fabric softener of dryer sheets, and stay away from traditional diaper rash cream (these can make your cloth diapers water proof, which kinda defeats the purpose).

I’m still registering for the bumGenius 4.0s as well.  I can’t seem to want to let go of these pocket diapers, and I think that they will make a perfect quick diaper change for when I’m not at home, and I also plan to use them at night as I’ve read that they’re slightly more absorbent, especially if you add more than one insert.  The added bonus with these diapers is that I can register for them at Babies ‘R Us!

I’m becoming way more comfortable with my diaper choice by the day, and it’s weird, but I’m excited to change that first diaper (I’m sure that feeling won’t last though).


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