Cloth Diapers

I, like many, am getting on the cloth diapering band wagon.  I wish I could say that I’m doing it for the environment, but I’m not, it’s just an added benefit.  I’m doing it because it’s cheaper (about $400 total – less if you get them as gifts, verses $2000 in disposables – which is over a 2 year span).  It’s definitely more money upfront, especially since I don’t want to do laundry every day, which means that I’ll need a diaper supply that will cover 2 to 3 days worth of diapers.  I’m starting to buy a couple of them every pay day so that I’ll have largish stash when the baby comes, and I’m hoping upon hope that people will get these for me as shower gifts (hint hint to those of you who know me IRL, and yes they’re on my registry).

I’m currently looking at the bumGenius 4.0 snaps.

I’ve heard that these hold up better than the hook and loop version.  They also are able to have the elastic replaced if it needs to be.  The only problem that I’ve read with these diapers is that they’re a little bulky, and not so good with newborn sizes.  I really don’t want to drop a lot of money on regular diapers and newborn diapers, so I’m thinking that for the first few weeks that I’ll use disposables, or until the baby is big enough to fit into cloth (if this baby is as large as my husband and his siblings were at birth, he’ll be able to use them right away..).  I’ve also heard that disposables are better in the long run for newborns because I’ve heard that the newborn merconium poos are thick and sticky like tar, and will stain and not want to come out of cloth diapers.

I’ve also been looking into the bumGenius All In Ones (AIO) snaps.

These act exactly like a disposable diaper, except that you wash them.  There are no inserts (although you have the option of adding them) like the 4.0s, so the diaper change will be a little quicker.  The only downside here is that they’re a little more expensive than the 4.0s.  I’m thinking that a mix of the two would be good, especially when we’re out and about, the AIO just seems a little easier for on the go.

If you want more information on the bumGenius products go here.

The whole reason for this post, other than to inform you that I want to use cloth diapers, is that I’m going to a cloth diapering class tomorrow.  They’re going to go over all the different styles, show you how to use them, and teach you how to care for them.  I’ll be sure to report back on my findings later that day or Monday at the latest.

For those of you who cloth diaper, which brand is your favorite?  How many do you have, and how often do you do laundry?


One thought on “Cloth Diapers

  1. Haha, you are like me. I am not doing it for the environment either. I am going to give prefolds a shot and just buy some covers to go with them. I am also hoping to have a 3 day supply.

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