WAHM and Other Developments

J and I had dinner with his parents on Saturday, and we had a really nice time too.  I’ve mentioned before, but in case you’ve forgotten, I work for J’s parents.  While we were out at dinner they told us that they felt really uncomfortable with the idea of a six week old baby being enrolled in daycare, and they wanted to know if I’d be open to working from home.  I didn’t even have to think about it – YES!  Being a work at home mom (WAHM) is going to be challenging for sure.  I’ll have to figure out how to take care of a baby and do my job at the same time, but I really think that it can be done, and I’m so excited about it!  Not only is this going to save J and me a ton of money in daycare costs, but it will also save us boat loads of money in gas (I drive 60 miles round trip to work a day right now).

I’m going to need a desk.  J still has his from high school, but it’s tee tiny and the drawers don’t work, and that desk is currently set up in the guest room – which will be weird working in when my mother is living in there after the baby is born.  So, J and I talked last night, and we’ll get me a desk and set it up in the living room, we’ll have to take out a book case that’s currently in there, but we can make it work.  This way, I can be working and watch the baby playing or napping or whatnot.  I’ll have a new computer and phone installed at the house (we currently do not have a land line) and then I’ll be good to go with the working at home.  I’ll still have to go into the office for a half day 1 or 2 days a week, but J’s parents told me that I can bring the baby with me and just set him up in the pack ‘n play while I’m working, which will be awesome.

I’m so excited for this, I can’t even begin to describe it!  This will make things so much easier for us!!

In other developments J and I stayed really busy this weekend.  I got a ton of laundry done, folded and put away.  I cleaned the master bedroom – including going through my closet and donating half of it to Goodwill.  I also cleaned out my drawers and organized them so they look pretty and I can now easily find things.  We cleaned out the baby’s soon to be closet.  J and my brother-in-law moved our bowflex down to the garage, as well as the futon that we have, so that the office can now become the guestroom.  Then we moved all the guestroom furniture to it’s new home, which left the baby’s room empty except for 1 overstuffed chair (also probably going to Goodwill).  Now I just need to clean the baby’s room.  By the time it was all cleaned out I had run out completely out of steam, so that will be saved for a later date.

All in all though, a really good and productive weekend!!



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