This Just Happened

To set the scene:  I’m in the kitchen at work, making my morning oatmeal (nom nom nom).  My co-worker (a late twenties male) is making coffee in the same kitchen.


Coworker:  “So, are you starting to count down the days?”

Me: Confused “to what?”

Coworker: “To the birth.”

Me: looking down at my belly and then back to my coworker, “I have four more months!”


Did that seriously just happen?  This reminds me of the scene is “Away We Go,” where the main character Verona is at the airport trying to purchase a ticket and the airline workers won’t let her because they don’t believe that she’s only 6 months pregnant, and they all huddle around her trying to decide if she’s really only 6 months.



2 thoughts on “This Just Happened

  1. A. Men have no clue…esp. young men
    B. I LOVE that movie! So good!

    You’re are doing wonderfully. Everyone else can suck it with their thoughts on weight gain. You have the responsibility of growing a child!! One whose life they all want to be a part of, but YOU are the MOM =) Do it your way!!

  2. I love that movie too! I was just seriously shocked that he seemed to confuse my 5 month pregnant belly with a 9 month pregnant belly. I was also told earlier in the week by a different coworker that my bump wasn’t the big and seemed kinda small. To be fair though, the woman who said it has only ever been pregnant with twins, so my bump is bound to be smaller in comparison.

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