Dear Poppy Seed –

It looks like I’m running into the same problem that I did last week.  The size comparisons are just screwy.  The Bump says that you’re the size of a pomegranate, and that just seems like a step or two or maybe even three backwards.  Baby Center says that you’re the size of a mango, and that won’t work since I’ve already done that one, and What to Expect says that you’re the size of a doll, and again I just find that a little creepy.  So, for lack of a better size comparison, I think that I have to go with pomegranate (although I think you’re bigger than that).  The one thing these website do agree on is that you are starting to seriously pack on the pounds, and by the end of the month you’ll have doubled your weight.  Your saggy skin will start to plump up with fat making you the cutest baby ever!  Right now you weigh a little over a pound and are still about 8 inches long, just about the same as last week, maybe a little bigger =).  Your hearing is also improving, not only do you listen to the outside world through my tummy, but you actually listen to my tummy too.  You hear my heart beat, my digestive system and possibly even my blood flowing.  Keep those hearing skills up and one day maybe you’ll be able to out do your dad in aural theory (but that shouldn’t be too hard to do).

Get ready for some complaining from me (hopefully it will only be short lived and then I can get back on track).  Acne…..I thought I had it bad in high school, but now it’s 10 times worse.  My face is constantly broken out, as well as my neck and shoulders.  But the real acne problem is my back.  It looks like a mine field – some things have already exploded and the rest are just biding their time.  It’s painful and ugly and just gives me a kick in my self esteem every time I look at it.  The sad part is that I can’t take anything for it – even topical stuff is off limits.  Oh well…at this point I’m just hoping that my skin will return to “normal” at some point – probably whenever I can go back on birth control.  Moving on from the complaining train, my belly is getting bigger what looks like by the day.  It’s looking more and more like a pregnant bump all the time.  I was even told by a lady at the bank “Congratulations!” and that made me smile for the rest of the day.  You’re moving a lot.  You’re still the most active in the morning and afternoon, but I do feel you at night a lot now too.  I’ve even noticed when I roll over in the middle of the night that you move along with me.

I think my nesting mode has actually kicked in.  Not only have I been planning on cleaning the house, yesterday when I got home I had an overwhelming urge to clean out the freezer….I threw out everything that had been in there for way too long, poured warm/hot water over everything to melt any ice, and then proceeded to scrub it all clean.  This is not a normal activity for me, as I’m sure you will come to learn.  But, I got another thing scratched off my list, so yay for that.

Your Aunt Bethany and Uncle Evan are coming over this weekend to help with your nursery.  They’re very excited to meet you and be involved with your life.  Your Aunt Bethany will sadly miss your birth.  She’ll be in France or the Netherlands when you arrive, depending on when you decide to join the world.  She’s sad and upset that she’ll miss your birth, but I refuse to let her pass up the opportunity to have an internship in France with a French law firm (your Aunt Bethany is pretty awesome).  Uncle Evan will be here for your birth though, and he’ll come and visit a couple days after so that he can help us out (he’s pretty awesome too – and when you get bigger he’ll help you make all sorts of forts and tell you the best ways to defend it – cause he is a veteran and war hero after all).

So, you remember how I knew you were a boy from the start?  Well, I have another feeling that I just can’t shake.  I have a strong sense that you’ll be born on July 5th.  I have no idea why I think that, but I do.  This feeling is so strong that it’s become your due date in my mind, I even put it in your dad’s calendar.  If you’re not born that day, then I think that labor will start that day or something along those lines, but July 5th just stands out to me for some reason.  Weird.  Anyway, remember that I love you and keep growing and moving!  Remember that your dad loves you too, and that you have family that will always support and love you no matter what!

– Mom


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