Pregnancy Brain?

This was the most stressful morning I’ve had in quite a while.  I got up on time, and was out the door slightly ahead of schedule, and I was feeling excited about that.  I walked out the door with Ali, and as I started to walk toward my car I reached down to get my keys from my purse and realized…..that I didn’t have my purse with me.  I didn’t have my keys with me, and I didn’t have a cell phone either.  The door I had just walked through was firmly shut and the door knob was locked.

This is about the time where I had a brief moment of panic.  I immediately jumped to the conclusion that I would be stuck outside my house all day, which was made worse by the fact that I knew that J wouldn’t be home until around 9pm tonight.  I wouldn’t be able to call into work to let them know I would be late and I would receive a tardy or absence because of the new attendance policy that’s in effect.  I’m not in walking distance to anywhere and I don’t know any of my neighbors.

After the panic cleared I realized that since it’s spring in North Carolina that we have several windows open at our house.  I proceeded to walk Ali and myself to the back yard and I walked over to one of my bedroom windows.  I was standing there looking at it for a moment trying to figure out how to get the screen out without damaging it from the outside….I started to fiddle with it and was shocked to see that it just slid right up.  Apparently my screens don’t lock….this fact now scares me, and we’re going to have to fix it.

So now I can get into the house but I’m trying to figure out how.  The window is about 4 feet up from the ground, which under normal circumstances wouldn’t be a problem.  Add a large pregnant belly into the equation and this scene becomes borderline ridiculous.  I can’t hoist myself up and scoot through on my belly (which would be the normal approach) for obvious reasons.  I then try to see if I  can get my butt up on the window ledge and see if I can go from there.  No dice that way either.  I then have the brilliant idea to walk around to the back porch and get a chair, so that I can step on the chair and then step from the chair into the window.  That works for me no problem, I’m not sure why that didn’t occur to me to do first.

I get in the house, grab my purse and keys, get the dog from the back yard and proceed to drive to work. At this point in time I’m hoping that I can get lucky and make it to work on time so that I don’t get a tardy.  On my way to work I hit every light between my house and the highway and then I also hit rush hour traffic on the highway (which included stupid people who go 10 mph under the speed limit in the left lane!), and once again when I got off the highway I hit every light from there to work.  But somehow I managed to clock in with two minutes to spare. I’m really not sure how that happened.

To be honest I’m not sure how I could possibly walk out the door without my purse and keys.  I’ve never done that before.  I guess it’s just one of those pregnancy brain things…..I just hope that there are no repeat performances.



Dear Poppy Seed –

This is the last week of the 2nd trimester!  It’s hard to believe that I’m 2/3s the way through with this pregnancy, but I am.  As these weeks keep flying by you keep getting bigger and bigger.  You’re now about 15 inches in length and weigh just over 2 lbs.  It’s hard to believe how much your growing every week.  Your hearing is getting better every day.  You know my voice and your dad’s voice by now, which is pretty cool that you can already recognize us.  According to “What to Expect,” if your dad puts his ear to my tummy from now on he might be able to hear your heart beat, instead of just mine.  We’ll have to try that tonight when he gets home.

I took an Equate Sleep Aid last night (it’s the Walmart brand of Unisom) and I feel like a zombie this morning.  I can’t seem to wake up.  It did help me sleep through the night, I only remember waking up once of twice, but my eyelids seriously feel like they have weights on them.  I can’t seem to get it out of my system.  I think it also affected you as well.  You were very quiet this morning when I was getting ready for work, and you’re usually much more active.  You’re kicking away right now, so I know that you’re fine, but I’m not sure I like the idea of you being knocked out as well as me.  I think if I take one again it will only be half and we’ll go from there and see how we both do.  I don’t think I have any new pregnancy symptoms to report.  I’ve just been really tired lately.  I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to this weekend and sleeping in, it makes me smile just thinking about it.  My feet still swell something awful, but I do have to say it’s fun to press indentations into them, I can make them look quite funky when I want to =).  Oh!  This past weekend I was hit in the middle of the night with a leg cramp.  You know how when you wake up at night and you’re only kinda sorta awake, you’re awake enough to stretch slightly and then roll over and go back to sleep?  Well, I was stretching slightly when my right calf muscle seized up on me – which made me wake up completely.  I was trying so hard to flex my foot to help with the pain, but I just couldn’t get it to do it.  I finally had to get up out of bed (which isn’t easy to do with a large belly and a bum leg) so that I could stand up and put pressure on it.  That seemed to work, and so far I haven’t had any other instances like that.  My feet like to cramp up every now and then, but they have quick easy fixes (flexing).  Who would have thunk that leg cramps are a pregnancy symptom?  That just seems like craziness to me.

My nesting phase has kinda kicked in, at least that’s what I’m blaming this on.  Not only has it come in the form of cleaning, but also decorating.  I’ve been buying and fixing up furniture.  Planning paint colors for not only your room, but the rest of the house.  I’ve been scouring craigslist for more furniture to add to the house (it’s kinda bare in spots right now).  I’ve been keeping an eye on thrift stores.  I found the chandelier that I want to put in the dining room….It seems like my mind wants me to get my house completely together before you’re arrival, which is kinda ridiculous, as there’s way too much to do and not enough time or money to do it all.  I am trying though, and through all of this I’ve found that I really like decorating and finding the perfect piece to go in our home.  Your nursery will be completed in a couple of weeks, and I’m so excited about that!  I can’t wait to post pictures to show it off to people.  Keep growing!


– Mom

Death by Cat and Dog

So, last night I fell asleep pretty easily and was able to sleep for most of the night, at least until around 4:00 this morning.

Here’s a little back story: J and I each have a dresser for a bedside table.  They are slightly higher than our bed, but we like it and it works for us.  We also have 3 cats (Bentley, Beemer and Healey) and a dog (Ali).

Since becoming pregnant I generally wake up in the middle of the night 1. having to go to the bathroom and 2. extremely thirsty.  So to limit the amount of trips I make in the middle of the night I keep a cup of water next to the bed.  You might be wondering where the problem is here.  You see, one of my cats (Beemer) loves to knock over cups and glasses, whether they contain liquid in them or not.  This really doesn’t sound like a big deal, except that I keep a cup of water next to the bed, and the dresser that it’s on is higher than my bed.  Which means, when she comes and knocks it over, I get doused in the face with water, needless to say this shocks/scares me out of my sleep.  I have learned to stop using glasses though, as the cat broke one when she knocked it over and then it rolled off the dresser shattering on the floor…..I need a water bottle….although the cat will probably knock that off too, but it will roll, and then I won’t be able to find it….

So, back to this morning.  I got slapped in the face with cold water at 4:00 am by my cat….Who then tried really hard to cuddle with me afterward (I was not in a cuddly mood, in fact at 4:00 this morning I believe I said I hated the cat).  It took me quite a while to fall back asleep (after I’d cleaned up the spilled water), but I managed it, kinda.

At 5:00 am, my dog decided to go nuts barking up a storm in our living room.  This wakes both J and I up, and J is given the task to herd the dog back into the bedroom so she’ll shut up and we can get some sleep.  It doesn’t work quite that well.  The dog continues to bark off and on until 6:30 this morning….

So, what started off as a good night of sleep with minimal back and hip pain, quickly escalated into a horrible morning where both J and I feel sleep deprived and exhausted….

I’m tired….is it time to go home yet?

Crankiness and Decorating

I know that I’ve been kinda quiet lately and I’m sorry for that.  With a lot on my mind and not a lot going on I haven’t really felt much like blogging.  I’m sleeping horribly, mostly because I can’t seem to get comfortable, and what’s worse is that I can’t wake up without being in pain.  My hips and back hurt so much no matter how I lay or what I do to get comfortable.  I finally was able to take pressure off of my back and hips at around 4:30 this morning, so I basically got about 2 hours of sleep all night….which in case you couldn’t guess sucks (can you tell I’m cranky?)

I did manage to have some fun this weekend despite my sleep problems though.  My mom and I went furniture hunting on Saturday.  I was looking for a dresser/sideboard that could go in my dining room for added storage.  After going to about 7 different places that ranged from antique stores to consignment to goodwill, I finally decided to buy a white painted dresser that we found at the second place we looked.  I bought it, had it put in my car and drove it home.  By the time we got home it was too late to do anything with it, but we formed a plan to strip the top of it so we could stain it, and sand down the rest to paint it (the paint job on it was pretty bad).

Sunday morning we went out to the hardware store and bought the items necessary in giving this piece the attention that it needed.  We put the stripper on (a fume free one) and it proceed to take the top layer of paint right off.  The other 4 layers of paint were a bit more tricky, but adding coat after coat of stripper, plus scraping and sanding we were able to get it all off (this took about 6 hours total).  I forgot to take a before picture, sorry about that.

The drawers of the dresser have a beautiful applique on them, except that they’d been loaded up with layer after layer of paint, to the point that you could tell there was supposed to be a pretty design on it, but you have no idea what it actually was.  So, we stripped the appliques as well.  Only this didn’t go as smoothly.  We used a tooth brush, a wire brush, tooth picks, sponges, and a towel to try and get all the paint out of the intricate designs, and we were able to get most of it off, but not all.  I’m not thrilled with the drawers, but they are a million times better than they were.

After a full day of scraping and stripping (which didn’t help my back at all) I think we finally have it almost ready to paint / stain.  I still need to give the whole thing a good sanding and then cleaning, but other than that it’s good to go.

I’m planning on painting it the same blue that I used in my kitchen, and then painting or glazing it an off white over that so that the blue just kinda peeks through.  I’m really excited to tackle it and I can’t wait to post the finished pictures!

English Hot House Cucumber

Dear Poppy Seed –

Oh my goodness is it 26 weeks already?  That means that there’s only 14 more weeks until your estimated due date (15 more weeks from when I think you’ll actually arrive).  According to you’re the size of an english hothouse cucumber this week, that seems awfully specific, but I’ll go with it.  You now weigh about 2 lbs and are 9+ inches long, it’s hard to believe how much you’re growing each week, but easy to believe it at the same time as my belly just keeps getting bigger.  The cool development this week is that you’re eyes will open.  Up until now they’ve been fused shut as they developed and sometime this week they’ll open.  You won’t be able to see much, but if I was to shine a flash light on my tummy it would probably cause you to move (don’t worry, I won’t do that to you though).  Your hearing is getting better.  You can now distinguish between my and your dad’s voice, and I’m assuming other people’s as well.  You’re now also taking practice breathes of amniotic fluid to help your lungs develop, keep working on that one please – that seems very important.  Keep growing and developing!

I feel like I’ve been struggling lately.  Sleep has become a real issue (no I haven’t picked up any unisom yet, but I will today).  Yesterday I was so tired when I came home from work that I just passed out on the sofa.  I slept from about 6:00, 8:30 when your dad made me eat dinner.  I was able to stay up for a little while then, and promptly feel back asleep at 10:00.  I keep waking up a lot.  I can always go back to sleep, but I just can’t seem to stay that way.  My hips have also really started to hurt, which disrupts my sleep as well because of all the side sleeping that I do.  My midwife said that it’s because my center of gravity has changed and I’m putting more pressure on my lower back, which also means that I’m putting more pressure on my hips.  And then there’s the fact that you also put pressure on my hips and cause my sciatic nerve to announce its presence, not fun all around.  I also found my first stretch mark…..I’m sure it’s the first of many, but it’s still depressing to look at, oh well.  I was hoping that the lotion I smear on me every day would help with that, and maybe it has I could have had more by now I guess….Your dad thinks that I should view them as a scar, kind a battle wound if you will.  That’s not half bad idea.  There’s a bright side to everything, I just have to remember to look for it.  On a non-depressing note, I think that I felt my first Braxton Hicks contraction on Wednesday.  My entire stomach seemed to tighten up on itself and it lasted that way for about 2 minutes.  It wasn’t painful, but it did sting a little bit, it was actually quite weird feeling.

Your dad is running in his first 5k this weekend.  He seems really nervous about it, but I know that he’ll do great.  I’m planning on going out to watch, so we can cheer him on together.  I’m sure that this will be the first of many that we will cheer him on at.  I know that I write this every week, but I can’t express how excited we are about you.  We can’t wait to bring you home and learn and grow as a family of three.  I feel you moving all the time now.  You’re getting so strong, some times I wonder if you’re doing mixed martial arts in there, it’s quite crazy to feel it.  Keep growing and moving and remember that I love you!


– Mom

Midwife Appointment

I had my monthly midwife appointment yesterday, where I got to meet the other midwife in the practice.  She was very nice and had some great things to say, and all in all the appointment went really well.  I’m still on track to do the water birth, which is fantastic.  My weight gain has been good, and right on target.  The baby’s heart beat was good, in the 150s at rest, and the 160s during movement (he was pretty active during the appointment).  The only downside to the whole appointment was that my blood pressure was up.  It’s now 140/80.  I was told that since the bottom number has remained stable, that it’s more than likely that the top number was up because of daily stress.  They are going to watch it though and make sure that I don’t become pre-hypertensive or hypertensive.

I asked her about my sleep problems and I was told that it’s normal, although I’m experiencing it earlier than most women (…great…sigh…), but because all pregnancies are different this isn’t out of the ordinary.  She told me that I can take unisom or tylenol pm to help my sleep, so I’m probably going to be stopping by the drug store this week to pick some up.  I’ll let you know how the unisom works.

I asked her about my swollen feet.  She told me that some women become puffy during pregnancy, and I’m one of those women (again….great…..).  She said that as it gets hotter that it’s more than likely just going to get worse, but at least I won’t be pregnant in August (bright side?).  She said that a nightly bath would really help, especially if it submerged my stomach.  The bath would cause me to float and it would help with my circulation 10 times more than anything else.  The only downside here is that I have the shallowest bath tub on the face of the planet, the overflow drain was placed way too low on the tub for it to be usable by an adult….She said that walking will also help, and to make sure that my water intake stays high.  Other than that, it is what it is.

We talked a little bit about labor and how we want it to go.  Both midwives in the practice will pretty much let my body do what my body wants to do when it wants to do it.  They said that I’ll be able to eat and drink while in labor and that I can wear whatever I want while I labor (although I think I’ll stick with the hospital gown as I don’t want any of my clothes to get ruined).  It sounds pretty much like I can do whatever I want and the midwives and the hospital will support me, and that’s very comforting and reassuring.

As I said, all in all it was a really good appointment.  I just have to figure out how to keep my blood pressure low…


What a fun pregnancy symptom….again I must reiterate that nothing is sexier than a cankle.  The past two days I’ve felt like Violet from Willy Wanka and the Chocolate Factory, or at least my feet have.


My feet and ankles were so swollen that it was incredibly uncomfortable to move and almost impossible to bend them.  Wednesday night after a short walk, I propped my feet up with some pillows and proceeded to relax on the sofa.  They stayed swollen all evening, despite the fact that I was guzzling water as quickly as I could.  Yesterday, when I woke up my feet and ankles had gone down significantly, but they weren’t back to normal.  As the day wore on, they just proceeded to get bigger and bigger and even bigger.  I must have drank over a gallon of water yesterday, trying to help flush these fluids from my body. (This part might be TMI)  Even though I was drinking glass after glass of water, and having to go to the bathroom fairly often, I wasn’t actually peeing out all that much at a time, which was making me pretty worried.  I laid down on my left side for a while, as I heard that it can help your circulation, but after an hour or two the swelling really hadn’t gone down any.  I kept the drinking up and then decided to walk the halls of my house at a brisk pace for a good ten minutes to try and push the fluids out of my feet (if it hadn’t been raining I would have gone for a walk outside).  My cats and dog followed me from one end of the house to the other, wondering what in the world I was doing.

The walking and the drinking finally started to help around 8:00pm last night.  My feet went way down in size by the time I went to bed, and I feel like my kidneys are sifting through way more fluid today than they did all of yesterday, which is making me pretty happy.  When I woke up my left foot was back to normal, but my right one was still slightly puffy, almost normal though.  I’m keeping my water consumption up too as I don’t want to swell back up again.  My feet are a little swollen today, but no where near as bad as they were this time yesterday.  I’m hoping that I’ll be able to manage my swelling from here on out.  If anyone else has any tips or tricks to keep the swelling down I’m all ears!