Weekend Semi-Fail

So, this weekend was not nearly as productive as I hoped it would be, I’ve found out that my husband is a really bad influence on me.  I wanted to clean out the guest room closet on Saturday, but J told me that he would help me if we did it on Sunday.  So, I spent Saturday cleaning.

I managed to clean the kitchen, and I don’t just mean clean.  I mean, I scrubbed every surface imaginable until it glistened.  All the dishes were done, even the ones that wouldn’t fit in the dishwasher were washed by hand and then put away.  When the dishwasher was done running, I even put the clean dishes away!  The counters were all wiped down.  The cabinets were wiped down.  The floor was swept, and then mopped.  I stood at the sink and tried to get our soap dispenser to work for about an hour (it hasn’t worked for over 6 months).  I never did manage to get it to work, but at least the whole thing is now clean….I wiped down the spice rack, the tea kettle, the hoosier cabinet.  I scrubbed the back splash.  Everything that was not in it’s place was put away, until just the bare necessity was on the counter top.  The only thing I didn’t get to was cleaning out the fridge and freezer, but it’s on the list.

After the kitchen was cleaned, I moved to the living room and straighten it up.  I wouldn’t say I really cleaned it, I was too worn out from the kitchen to go into much detail.  But it was all dusted.  I cleaned off the coffee table (both shelves of it), the couches were vacuumed.  The blankets that reside on the sofa were washed.  The pillows were neatly arranged.  The floor was swept, although I ran outta steam and never did mop or vacuum in there…

As I mentioned, on Sunday, J said that he would help me clean out the closet in the guest room (as it’s mostly his stuff), but when Sunday came around, he talked me into just sitting and relaxing on the sofa all day watching all 3 paranormal activity movies, followed by a netflix marathon of “How I Met Your Mother.”  So, the closet, didn’t get done, which I have to say that now I’m a little upset about (at the time I would have used any excuse to sit on the sofa and relax a little longer).  I know that we have time to get it all done as this baby isn’t coming for at least 18 more weeks, but I would really rather not have to do everything all at once.  I’m just going to get super worn out and cranky that way (I don’t do well when I’m tired).

The good news in all of this is that my sister and brother-in-law are coming to visit next weekend and they’re going to help us get the baby’s room going, so maybe we can tackle the closet then, as well as moving some stuff to the garage and attic.  Yay for family coming to visit and making you be proactive!


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