I don’t think I’m officially in “nesting” mode quite yet.  I believe that you have to be a little further along that I am for it to be nesting.  But, I put together a to-do list today of some things that need to happen around the house, and as I only have about 18 more weeks of pregnancy, I need to get going.  My plan is to spend tomorrow working on this list.  The weird thing is, is that I’m not a “list” person.  The only time I ever make a list is when I go to the grocery store, and that’s only because I can’t remember everything that I need otherwise.  Apparently, my pregnant body wants me to be more proactive than I have been in the past, so here is my semi-nesting list:

  1. Clean out the guestroom closet.  This closet is a mess.  It has become a catch all of all the  crap in our house that doesn’t have a “spot.”  So, tomorrow I’m going through it all, to organize what I can, and throw away the rest.  My hope is that this closet will be empty or close to it when I’m done.
  2. Clean out the dresser/night stand in the guest room – like the closet, things have just been stuffed in there over time.
  3. Organize my closet.  It’s a crazy mess.  I hate putting things away, so clothes just kinda get stacked.  I also need to go through it and donate a bunch of it that I never wear.
  4. Organize my drawers (they look like my closet).
  5. Clean the master bedroom.  Especially the ceiling fan, I keep noticing the dust collection on it in the morning when I’m lying in bed.
  6.  Start cleaning out the office.  Move some boxes to the attic (my CD collection) and throw away all the wedding magazines that I bought when planning my wedding 4 years ago.
  7. Clean the bathrooms.
  8. Sweep and mop the entire house.
  9. Stay on top of laundry.  Nothing sucks more than having to fold 6 loads of laundry at once….

I don’t think that I can get this all done tomorrow, I’m not that naive, but over the next several weeks I’m hoping that I can get it accomplished.  Anyway, the organizing all needs to be done by April so that we can put together the nursery.  The cleaning, sadly, is a never ending process.  Wouldn’t it just be nice if you only had to clean once and everything would magically stay that way?


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