Maternity Leave Part 2

So, after the terror from finding out my maternity benefits (or lack thereof) and J not getting paid for a month over summer finally settled down, we came up with a plan of action to get us through the summer months.  I’ve outlined my plan below.  I know that a lot of people aren’t really going to be interested in reading this, but it helps me to write it all out, and makes me calmer when I can go back to it and reread it.  So, I apologize if this is a little mundane and doesn’t interest you at all.  I promise to come up with something better tomorrow.

  1. It looks like I calculated a bit wrong, and by the time the baby is due, I’ll have a little under 3 weeks of paid time off.  I think that I’ll also be able to work something out with my employer so that I can receive paid time off for the other 3 weeks.  I’m hoping that they’ll let me go in the red for paid time off for 3 weeks, and then I’ll make it up when I come back to work.  So, hopefully (fingers crossed) I’ll receive a paycheck the whole time I’m out.  If they won’t let me do that, well, then that bring us to steps 2 and 3.
  2. If the baby come at 38-39 weeks, then worrying is pretty much all moot, since I’ll have returned to work by August.  And, we won’t have to pay for daycare that month since my mom has agreed to come down and watch the baby for the entire month of August while J and I are at work, saving us that cost.
  3. If the baby arrives at 40-42 weeks, I’ll save my paid time off until August, or the last 3 weeks of my maternity leave.  As I’ll be working until I pop, I’ll still be receiving paycheck in July – and J gets paid in July, so July should be a little tight, but doable.  And, as we’re saving every penny in sight at the moment, we should be fine for August.
  4. They won’t let me stay pregnant longer than 42 weeks, so I think that I’ve worked this out at every angle.

Right now I’m just really hoping that I can take extra paid time off, because that would be the easiest and simplest option with the highest yield.  I still have to say that I’m kinda angry at the fact that the company I work for doesn’t offer any kind of maternity benefits.  As this is a small company it’s not something they deal with a lot, but at the same time, they expect their employees to work hard for them, but they’re not giving us anything in return.  This whole situation is making it extremely difficult, and I feel like I’m being punished for wanting a family…


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