So, I have a new pregnancy symptom that hit me square in the chest on Monday….heartburn.  Heartburn is a bitch and it sucks so much.  I’ve had heartburn before, but I swear that pregnancy heartburn is worse.  It made me so uncomfortable yesterday that it wasn’t even funny.  It got to the point that drinking anything caused my chest to burn, so I stopped drinking….but then that caused me to get a headache because I wasn’t staying hydrated.  Talk about a viscous cycle.  I started popping tums (or their generic equivalent) and after about half an hour it seemed to help.  The bad news is that I can only take so many Tums at a time, and if the heartburn is persistent (and it usually is) that means that I pretty much just have to deal with it….not fun.

J finally was able to feel the baby move!  He spent all of Sunday with his hand resting on my belly waiting to catch a movement and he finally felt it!  He said that is basically just felt like a flutter to him, although it feels much stronger to me.  Sometimes I find myself grunting from his kicks.  Not because they hurt, but because of the strength and how it catches me off guard.  I suspect that as he gets bigger that those grunts will only increase, and I’m totally ok with that.

Other than those two things nothing else has happened pregnancy wise.  We are a little frazzled financially at the moment.  Since I bought my car, my mom has been making the payments on it.  I know, I know, I’m probably a little old to have my mom still paying things like that for me, but she offered, and I wasn’t about to turn it down.  Now, due to new circumstances she can’t continue to pay it, and J and I have to figure out a way to squeeze a car payment into our already tight budget.  We’ll be able to make it work, but we’ll really start having to watch our spending (more than we already were), and it might mean cutting out more than we would like.  We’ll make it work, but I’m still pretty stressed about it.  I’m going into my bank this week to see about refinancing it so that the payment is a lot lower, and if we can get it down to a reasonable price that will help a lot….Have I mentioned that I hate money?


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