Yesterday I was hit with a monster of a headache.  I woke up and my head was pounding.  Any movement that I made felt like my brain was being slammed against the wall of my skull.  I got up to take a tylenol (because that’s the only thing that I’m allowed), and as I was wrestling to get the bottle opened, I was hit with an intense wave of nausea that sent me running for the bathroom.  After I was finished throwing my guts up (which only made my head pound more) I was able to take the tylenol, with a glass of juice and about two glasses of water and crawl back into bed.

My headache persisted for several more hours, even with the tylenol and drinking as many fluids as I possibly could, and actually caused me to throw up one more time.  I finally called my midwife to tell her about the headache.  She told me that headaches are very normal in the second trimester and it was most likely the result of me being dehydrated and to drink a liter of water an hour.  Since then I’ve been drinking so much water that my stomach always feels full, and my headache still comes and goes.  It’s frustrating, mostly because I don’t know how I can hydrate myself more other than to hook myself up to an IV.  I did have a coke today, and I know that didn’t help with the hydration, but I was also hoping that the caffeine would help with the headache, well see about that though.  For now, I’ll keep drinking water and hope it goes away.

Anyone know of other ways to help with headaches (besides medication and pot?  Those are kinda off limits to me right now)


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