I’ve mentioned before that J and I have a dog.  Her name is Ali (pronounced Ally, but spelled Ali because she’s a boxer), and she’s the sweetest thing ever!  She hasn’t always had an easy life.  In her short 3 years she’s had at least 4 homes (these are just the ones I know of).  Her first owner abused her, I don’t know how, and I try to not think about it because it breaks my heart.  She was then rescued from that person and lived with her rescuer for a while.  Eventually she was placed with my Father-In-Law.  He’s the owner of a sign company and a while back, their trucks kept getting broken into and people would steal tools and such.  To solve that problem he got a dog – Ali.  He put her in a menacing black leather collar and she patrolled the yard of the sign company at night, and kept all the of employees company during the day.

When J and I figured out that we wanted a dog, J’s father asked if we’d like to take Ali.  We jumped at the opportunity.  She came to live with us, and became an indoor dog with a pretty pink collar, a comfy bed and not so friendly cats to keep her company.  I’ve noticed a lot about her in the year (almost) that she’s lived with us, and how much she’s grown.  When she first came to live with us she was very skiddish.  If you got the broom out to sweep the floor, she would run away.  Over time this is a lot better, but she still doesn’t like the broom, but at least she doesn’t run anymore.  In the early months if you went to pet her face she would grimace as if she thought you were about to hit her.  Now she loves her face to be rubbed.  She’s terrified of car rides….still.  You’d think that after a year of riding to work with me everyday, to and from, that she would be ok with it.  But she sits in her seat and shakes and shivers the whole ride.  I also think that she’s in constant fear of J and me leaving her.  She hasn’t known one home for more that a year, so I can’t blame her for feeling that way and that’s something that will only get better with time.  She keeps tabs on us anytime that we’re not at home, always wanting to know where we are, making sure that we’re not going to leave her and not come back.  This has been marginally better over the months, but we still have a long way to go on that front.  She has a lot of growing and learning left to do, but she is the sweetest, calmest (especially for a boxer) and affectionate dog that I’ve ever known.

In the past couple of weeks her behavior at work has changed.  In the past she would wander around the warehouse checking up on what the fabricators and installers were doing.  Getting attention and food from them all day.  Now, all she wants is to be with me in the office (where it’s really boring).  If I leave my cubical to go and talk to someone else, she follows and waits patiently until I’m done and then follows me back to my cubical.  She will usually sit at the entrance of my cubical blocking the way of anyone who is trying to get to me.  If a stranger comes into the office she immediately glues herself to my side until the danger stranger has gone.  I really think that this is because of the pregnancy.  That she now thinks it’s her job to protect me 24/7, and she takes her job seriously.  I think it’s the cutest and sweetest thing in the world.  She really and truly is the best dog ever!  I can’t wait for her to meet our little man, so that they can become the best of friends.  I have no doubts that she will protect him with the same dedication that she protects me.

What a wonderful friend.


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