New Developments!

Last night I was laying in bed watching TV with J.  I was propped up on pillows and had by hand resting on my tummy, just relaxing.  J got up to go to the kitchen, and while he was gone, I felt through my hand, the baby kick.  It stunned me.  That was the first time I felt him kick with my hand, and it was a really strong kick!  I immediately yelled for J to come back because the baby was kicking!  J dashed into the bedroom, put his hand on my belly…..and nothing.  We sat and waited like that for a good half hour and nothing happened.

I have to admit that I was disappointed that J didn’t get to feel it.  It just seems like we have bad timing with it.  The little man so far isn’t very active at night.  I feel him most in the morning after I’ve had breakfast and most of the time J isn’t with me at that time.  I’m so excited that I got to feel it though!  It really is incredible, and I stand by my claim that it feels like I’m being poked from inside my uterus.  I can’t wait for J to share in this experience though, and I’m sure that one day soon we’ll get our timing right.

On a side note, my stomach now has a pulse.  If you were to touch my stomach you could feel it pulsing with my heart beat.  It’s the strangest thing.  I’ve noticed in the morning that I can actually see it throb, if I take the time to lay there and stare it at – and this happens most mornings as I don’t want to get out of bed.  It’s pretty cool, and kinda creepy at the same time…


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