Since January 26, I’ve felt him move everyday, although the first time I felt him move was January 11.  It’s a wonderful feeling, and it’s definitely causing Poppy Seed and I to share a special bond.  I think because of it we’re growing closer, or at least I am to him.  It’s hard to not see myself as pregnant now that there is physical evidence that I am (besides the growing belly – that could be attributed to me just being a fat ass – and that’s often how I feel about my new figure, but that’s another post entirely).  Now, there is hard proof that there’s a baby in there.  I usually feel his kicks about 30-45 minutes after I’ve eaten something, and I’ll especially feel him move a lot if I’ve had juice or caffeine.  As of right now the most that I feel him move is in the morning after I’ve had breakfast, and less and less as the day goes on.  Although that could also be because of my attention span, which is greater in the morning, and then I just get more and more tired as the day goes on.

It definitely feels different than I thought it would.  I’ve read and heard that it feels like bubbles, or butterflies, flutters etc.  To me, honestly, it feels like there’s something in my uterus, and it just bounced against the wall of it.  It’s like being poked from the inside.  It’s a lot less glamorous than I thought it would be, but if being pregnant has taught me anything, the whole experience is a lot less glamorous than I thought it would be.  I still love the feeling.  Everytime I feel it it causes me to all of a sudden stop what I’m doing so that I can concentrate on it.  Sometimes it’ll just happen once and (those are usually the times when J is trying to feel it), and other times it’ll happen continually – usually when I’m alone.  J has yet to feel him kick.  I can’t tell if it’s just bad timing, or if they’re not strong enough to be felt from the outside yet, or maybe it’s a little bit of both.  I am excited for when J can share in the experience with me though.  But for now, I’m content to just share this special time alone with my son.


2 thoughts on “Kicks

  1. The very first time I felt Addison move it felt like bubbles, but then I really grew to like the kicks. Most likely they are not strong enough for J to feel, but soon enough! The coolest part is when they get big enough you feel A Lot, then they get bigger and have to stop moving around so much, but will roll and stretch a little. The fun times still lie ahead! 🙂

  2. just wait till those bounces become arm jabs! those are crazy!! and its so awesome to see your hubby finally feel the kicks. my husbands face was priceless the very first time!! so exciting!!!

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